Altitude Valorant Bundle Release Date: Launching Soon in Valorant!

Prepare to reach new heights in the Valorant universe! Fans of the popular first-person shooter game are buzzing with anticipation as the release of the Altitude Bundle draws near. This package’s stylish, high-flying look and potent weapon skins will elevate your gaming. You won’t want to miss the launch of the Altitude Bundle, so be sure to mark your calendars.


Altitude Valorant Bundle Release Date

The release date for the Altitude bundle, announced by Riot Games, is March 29, 2023, according to It’s worth noting that the actual release date may vary among time zones. Keep an eye on the store for notification of the arrival of the weapon skins. Valorant has tweeted an image showing Sova, Raze, and Viper “flying” the guns, offering gamers a taste of what they may anticipate from the new bundle.

Colorant introduced the Oni 2.0 skin bundle at the VCT/ LOCK IN 2023, which was a huge success. Valorant is preparing to release its new skin, which features an airplane. Altitude is the name of the package. You can see the bundle’s price and the weapons it supports (in the form of skins) below.

Included alongside the Valorant 6.06 patch notes is the Altitude bundle. Now that Oni 2.0 is no longer available, this pistol skin can join the line.

Altitude Valorant Bundle Release Date

After a short period of teasing, all the weapons compatible with this skin were made public. Valorant released a photo showing operatives using gun skins to fly.

Altitude Valorant Bundle Available at an Affordable Price

Valorant has announced that the total cost of the package is 5,100 Valorant Points (VP). Gamers who aren’t interested in the full set can still buy the skins for their weapons separately.

The prices are as follows:

5100 VP – Entire Bundle
2550 VP – Knuckle Knife
1275 VP – Each Weapon (Vandal, Odin, Bucky, Sheriff)
475 VP – Gun Buddy

In addition to the skins for the guns, players that buy the whole bundle will receive gun friends, player cards, and titles. The firearms’ striking appearance is bolstered by an animated feature of forward-facing blades.

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With the introduction of the Altitude package, Valorant has once again given its users something to anticipate. With the inclusion of captivating animation, the new skin collection based on airplanes is bound to be a smash.

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