‘Amitabh Bachchan had suggested it, my husband was aghast’ : Shefali Shah on playing Akshay Kumar’s mother in Waqt





Shefali Shah received a lot of limelight for her role in webseries Delhi Crime.


She mentioned how her family would be worried about her saying no to work but she wanted to wait for ‘the right roles’.


“I kept refusing work and they would all pick on me. But the kind of work that was offered wasn’t what I wanted to do. They were of course worried that it would affect me professionally and sometimes even nudged me to take up projects that would make me famous. They would even ask me what am I waiting for. Now, when I look back, the wait has paid off and how! I always knew I would only take up work that would churn me inside out. I knew what would work for me professionally and waited patiently. Touchwood, it turned out well. I am getting to do the work that I wanted to do, and playing lead and primary characters,” she shared with a smile.

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