What is BMF Season 3 Release Date? Get Ready for the Next Chapter!

Fans of the riveting crime drama “BMF” won’t have much longer to wait for season 3 to premiere. As the release date draws near, fans wonder what’s in store for their favorite infamous Black Mafia family. Will a new criminal empire emerge and eventually crumble?

Will friendships and allegiances be put to the test? Despite the many mysteries surrounding the third season of BMF, one thing is sure: viewers are in for a nail-biting trip filled with surprises. Get comfortable because we’re about to enter the shadowy and dangerous BMF again.


BMF Season 3 Release Date is Here 

There was a gap of 16 months between the premiere of the first season of BMF on Starz in September 2021 and the premiere of the first episode of the second season in January 2023. Suppose Starz continues with the same production timeline. In that case, fans of the show can anticipate that the third season of Black Lightning will premiere sometime in early 2024, according to Screenrant.com.

However, neither executives from Starz nor the show’s creators Randy Huggins have made any official announcements regarding the possibility of a release date for the third season of BMF. Similarly, 50 Cent has been relatively silent regarding the impending premiere of the new season.

BMF Season 3 Release Date

This may be because he is now busy creating the new Power spin-off, Power Book V: Influence, and the sequel, Den of Thieves.

Meet the Stars of BMF Season 3

Given the centrality of the Flenory brothers to the story of BMF, both Flenory Jr. and Terry actor Da’Vinchi will undoubtedly return. Regarding the remainder of the group, Kash Doll will not return for season 3 after Monique’s terrible death in season 2.

Since Eric Kofi-Abrefa’s character, Lamar, appeared to pass out after consuming crack cocaine, his fate is uncertain, and it is unclear if he will return.

Steve Harris (Diary of a Mad Black Woman, The Practice) and Kelly Hu (The Scorpion King, Arrow) will also meet the same fate as their BMF detective characters, Bryant and Jin. Harris could return, albeit with a character motivated by different factors, since that Bryant has taken the fall for his son’s violent crimes and lost his police badge.

The same is true for Hu, whose connection with Bryant is just as broken as Jin’s with him. Both the brothers’ relentless mother, Lucille (Michole Briana White; Atlanta; Malignant), and their unfaithful father, Charles (Russel Hornsby; In Treatment; Fences), will return.

You may see coverage of previous seasons of the provided television show.

Starz has already enlisted 2 Chainz and Ne-Yo for guest appearances on BMF Season 3, marking a significant upgrade to the show’s star cameo casting. With their cameos in BMF, the two musicians will join the ranks of other celebrities who have made guest appearances in the series, such as rapper Snoop Dogg, who played Pastor Swift.

Eminem, a close friend of 50 Cent’s who has kept a low acting profile since his performance of renowned freestyle raps in 8 Mile, guest starred in the premiere season as White Boy Rick, a notorious drug trafficker, and FBI informant.

Considering that non-musical celebrities like actor/comedian Mo’Nique and sports analyst Jalen Rose have been in prior seasons, the upcoming one should not exclude them.

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