Who Is Brooke Williamson Husband And Their Inspiring Journey of Life and Career?

American chef and television personality Brooke Williamson was born on August 15, 1978, in Los Angeles, California. She and her chef husband, Nick Roberts, are co-owners of Playa Provisions and Company for Dinner. Williamson has appeared on Guy’s Grocery Games, Top Chef Duels on Bravo, and Esquire’s Knife Fight, which she won.

Williamson regularly works with Roberts in philanthropic endeavours. She supports the James Beard Foundation and is a member of No Kid Hungry’s Leadership Council, for instance. She served as a judge for the BBQ Brawl and as the show’s host and mentor on MTV.

She also collaborated with Walmart and Eko on the reality series Cook Together, which debuted for viewers to watch and received rave reviews. She was extremely active in the “World Central Kitchen” and the “Help Feed The Frontline in Los Angeles” group during the COVID-19 outbreak. Here are more details about her spouse and their love journey.

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Brooke Williamson Husband

Nick Roberts, a fellow chef and co-owner of all of Brooke’s restaurants, is the spouse of Brooke. When they initially started dαting, the couple worked together at a restaurant called “Zax,” where they first met. They were together for 12 years before getting married in 2007. Here is a Twitter post related to Brooke Williamson’s Husband:

They both had very successful restaurant careers and have a son named “Hudson.” Over the past 12 years, they have had great success opening six restaurants across America. She began her career as an executive chef in 2001 after being employed by Chris and Chantal Schaefer of Zax Plus, where she first met her husband.

Both of them had been planning to build a new restaurant in the Hudson House for quite some time, but unhappily it didn’t go well owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. The couple then got married, and after two years, they opened a restaurant with Robert called “Amuse Chef.”

Brooke Williamson Husband

Due to their shared love of cooking, the couple bonded fast and began dαting by February 2002. They quickly rose to fame as the hottest culinary pair. They started conducting business together after extending their relationship to one that included business.

Their first joint independent endeavour was opening the Amuse Cafe in Venice. They quickly opened a Beechwood eatery. The duo was recognized as Rising Star Chefs by StarChefs in 2004 because they were having success in their professional and culinary endeavours.

The couple got married in 2007. The husband and wife pair went on to start a number more businesses after that. The Hudson House elevated gastropub opened in Redondo Beach in 2009, and The Tripel followed in 2011.

In 2014, Brooke Williamson and her husband Nick unveiled Playa Provisions, a novel four-in-one idea with a grab-and-go market. Additionally, they opened the ice cream parlour, King Beach, the seafood restaurant Small Batch, and the secluded whiskey bar Grain.

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