Canva Unveils New AI-powered Design Tools to Make Content Creation Easier and Faster

Canva, the popular web-based design platform, has recently launched a new suite of AI-powered design tools called Magic Studio. The new features aim to make content creation more accessible and efficient for everyone, regardless of their design experience or skills.

Tools in Magic Studio enable the automation of time-consuming operations including text creation, image editing, video creation, and format conversion. Here are a few of the new tools’ highlights and how you may use them to quickly create gorgeous graphics.


Magic Switch: Transform Your Designs Into Any Format

Magic Switch is one of the most useful tools in Magic Studio. It lets you quickly change a design you already have into another format, like turning a blog into an email or a social media post. You don’t have to change the style or update the copy text by hand because Magic Switch takes care of that for you.

With Magic Switch, you can also translate your drawings into more than 100 different languages without leaving the page. This is a great way to make campaigns that use more than one outlet from a single design and reach more people.

Magic Media: Generate Videos and Images From Text Prompts

Another powerful tool in Magic Studio is Magic Media, which can generate short videos and images from text-based prompts or an existing image uploaded to the Canvas asset library. The tool uses generative AI technology from Runway AI to create realistic and engaging visuals that match your input.

You can then use the videos and images on Canva or export them as MP4 or GIF files to use in other projects. Magic Media also integrates with other AI image generation apps, such as OpenAI’s DALL-E and Google’s Imagen, which are available on the Canvas app marketplace.

Canva unveiled new features in March, including a brand-new Brand Hub and a set of AI-powered tools:

Magic Edit: Enhance Your Photos With One Click

You can use Magic Edit to improve your pictures with just one click if you want to edit them quickly and easily. Magic Edit can instantly change your photos’ brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, and colour balance. You can also choose from a number of preset filters to add different effects. Magic Edit also lets you crop, rotate, flip, or change the size of your pictures as you like.

Magic Eraser: Remove Unwanted Objects From Your Photos

Sometimes, you may want to remove unwanted objects from your photos, such as people, animals, logos, or text. This can be a time-consuming and challenging task, but not with Magic Eraser. Magic Eraser can select and automatically separate any subject in an image, so you can edit, reposition, or resize it. You can also use Magic Eraser to erase the background of your photos and replace it with another image or a solid color.

Magic Expand: Expand Your Photos Beyond Their Frame

Another cool tool in Magic Studio is Magic Expand, which can expand your photos beyond their frame. This means that you can extend the edges of your photos without losing any details or quality. This is useful when you want to fit your photos into different aspect ratios or add some extra space around them. Magic Expand uses AI to fill in the missing parts of your photos based on their content and context.

Magic Write: Write Texts for Your Designs

If you need some help with writing texts for your designs, you can use Magic Write, which can write texts for you based on your input. You can either type in a keyword or a phrase, or choose from a list of categories and subcategories, and Magic Write will generate relevant texts for you. You can then edit the texts as you like or generate more options until you find the perfect one.

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Magic Design: Create Designs From Scratch

Use Magic Design to generate designs for yourself depending on your input if you want to start from scratch. Magic Design will produce several design alternatives for you based on the keyword or phrase you enter or the categories and subcategories you select. The designs can then be altered as desired, or you can create more options until you discover the ideal one.

Presentations: Create Engaging Presentations With AI

Last but not least, Canva also offers a tool called Presentations, which can help you create engaging presentations with AI. Presentations can help you organize your content into slides, choose the best layout and style for each slide, add animations and transitions, and even add voiceovers and captions. You can also use Presentations to rehearse your presentation with feedback and tips from AI.


Canva’s new AI-powered design tools are designed to make content creation easier and faster for everyone. Whether you want to transform your designs into different formats, generate videos and images from text prompts, edit your photos with one click, write texts for your designs, create designs from scratch, or create engaging presentations with AI, Canva has a tool for that. You can try out these tools for free on Canva’s website or upgrade to Canva Pro for more features and benefits.

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