Carson Daly Kids: Precious Moments of Their Children Goes Viral on Internet!

Here’s what people had to say about the question “HOW MANY KIDS DOES CARSON DALY HAVE?” the answer is given below. The internet is going crazy over the sweet pictures Carson Daly took of his kids in special times. When Daly’s wife posted these cute pictures online, they quickly went popular and made people’s hearts melt. Let’s dive into their family’s magical world and look at the valuable moments that have captivated millions of people.

How Many Kids Does Carson Daly Have?

Jackson, Etta, London, and Goldie are the lucky children of the NBC star. Having married Siri Daly (formerly Pinter), Carson now has a large family. Siri Daly, Carson’s wife, is thinking about how much Blake Shelton means to their family.

The 42-year-old TV writer and producer posted old and new photographs of Shelton and her four children with Daly, 49, on Instagram. Siri posted a series of adorable images to Instagram, including one of Shelton, 46, dressed as a bunny rabbit with Carson and Siri’s four kids, and another of Shelton with The Voice’s Randy Jackson.

Carson Daly Kids

“Sometime around April of 2011, when Carson signed on to host a new singing competition show that felt different than it’s predecessors, we met Blake Shelton,” Siri began her caption. “It was then that the giant, dimpled cowboy with his signature ‘HA!’ became part of our family… for better or for worse. For worse? He likes to take really candid, really ugly photos of you when you’re not looking.”

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She continued, “But for better? The list goes on. He is gentle, hilarious, delights my kids, looks you in the eye and listens, loves with his whole heart, eats fried calamari with his whole belly, worships Gwen, and is a true brother to my husband.”

Although I’m sorry to see you leave @nbcthevoice, BS, you’re trapped with the Daly family, for better or worse. Finally, she added, “(You try snapping an ugly photo of Blake, it’s impossible, uggggh)” to the touching post.

Shelton showed Jackson around the set of The Voice for NBC Nightly News: Kids Edition earlier this year.

“So this is where Carson Daly actually sits,” the country singer said in a clip from the tour, lifting a curtain to invite additional lighting into the backstage area. “While people are performing, he can watch the performance on the screen right here.”

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Shelton said, pointing to some papers in front of the TV, “He saves his notes so he knows a little bit of information about each contender and he can go out there and appear like he knows what he’s talking about, you know? Exactly how you treat this show.”

Jackson answered, “Oh, OK, yeah,” laughing slightly. Says, “Fake it til you make it,” which is his favorite saying. Shelton said, “You’re nailing it.”

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