Citadel Season 2 Release Date: What Can We Expect From It?

The Russo Brothers, who made the two highest-grossing movies of all time (Infinity War and Endgame), have announced their next TV show, Citadel. After The Gray Man on Netflix did so well, they moved their next big project to Amazon Prime Video.

The new “groundbreaking” series is about two spies who came close to dying and losing their memories. They can’t do anything else but get back to work and save the world.

After the sixth and final episode of Season 1, here’s everything we know about Season 2, like when it will start, who will be in it, what it will be about, and more.


Will Citadel Have a Second Season?

The renewal of Citadel for a second season is official. Jennifer Salke, CEO of both Amazon and MGM Studios, issued the following statement.

“Citadel’ is a truly global phenomenon. Our goal was always to create a new franchise rooted in original IP that would grow Prime Video’s international audience. This show has drawn an outsize number of new global customers to Prime Video.”

Citadel Season 2 Release Date

“Its massive worldwide debut audience is a testament to Joe and Anthony Russo’s remarkable vision, the incredible talents of Richard Madden, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Lesley Manville, and Stanley Tucci, and the tireless work of the creative teams, cast, and crew.”

When Will Season 2 of Citadel Come Out?

Citadel Season 2 has not yet been scheduled as of May 2023. It was stated that there would be a second season right before the first one ended. Citadel: Diana Season 2 will likely return to Italian television in 2024, but when it will become available online via streaming service is still up in the air.

What Can We Expect From Citadel Season 2?

Citadel’s first season was chock full of twists and turns. However, the following are some of the fundamentals that could be introduced in Season 2: To begin, Mason thought back on what had occurred in the Citadel and recognized he was responsible for its demise. He has two wives: the former spy Celeste and the woman he sheltered, Abby. With his still-married wife, Nadia, he also has a child.

Dahlia pretended to d!e when she realized she could not obtain Mason’s nuclear codes. So, the next season will most certainly center on the search for her. Is Bernard any good, then? He was being harassed by Dahlia the last time we saw him, so today’s version of him is anyone’s guess.

The Russo Brothers Said This in an Interview

They added, “And then, part of what you want to do when you’re working on a show like this – it’s a continuing narrative, you’re building out a universe – you want to see what it is that the audience is responding to and what it is exciting them about the narrative.”

“We have our ideas, we can speculate, but it’s always refreshing to get that feedback. We certainly made adjustments to Avengers: Endgame after Avengers: Infinity War came out because you want to be organic and fluid and iterative so that you just keep telling the best and most interesting story.”

The following seasons of the other shows in the discussion are made available to viewers:

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