Darian Jarrott Autopsy Report: New Information Explains How and Why He D!ed?

The de@th of police officer Darian Jarrott has been the subject of recent disclosures. The results of Darian Jarrott’s autopsy have piqued the public’s interest.

The NMSP has just released dashcam and lapel camera footage that shows exactly what happened and in what order. On February 4, Officer Darian pulled over a white pickup truck that was going east on Interstate 10 near Deming.

Omar Felix Cueva, the car’s 39-year-old driver, was asked to vacate the vehicle by Officer Jarrott. Officer Jarrott was walking behind the truck when Cueva stepped out of the driver’s side with an AR-15-style rifle and began firing at him.

The internet community is eager to learn the results of the autopsy performed on Darian Jarrott, as well as any other details that may shed light on what led to Darian’s de@th.

Darian Jarrott Autopsy Report

The New Mexico State Police have released a video showing the horrific moment when Officer Daina was shot and k!lled by a d*ug dealer who was also armed with an assault rifle during a routine traffic check.

This video was captured on February 4 by Officer Jarrott’s dashcam and body camera as he interacted with Omar Felix Cueva on the 1-10 outside of Las Cruces.

The police reported that Cueva shot Officer Jarrott in the back of the head from close range, but they did not say how many times.

At first, authorities claimed that Darian was assisting HSI with their investigation and that an HSI agent had contacted state police dispatch following the sh00ting.

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