David Miranda P@ssed Away: the De@th of a Brazilian Politician at the Age of 37

David Miranda’s husband, author Glenn Greenwald, confirmed the politician’s de@th on Tuesday(9 May 2023) via a tweet. David had been in critical condition for nine months. Reports mention his age as 37.

“It is with the most profound sadness that I announce the p@ssing away of my husband, @DavidMirandaRio. He would have turned 38 tomorrow. His death, early this morning, came after a 9-month battle in ICU. He d!ed in full peace, surrounded by our children, family, and friends,” tweeted Greenwald, who raised two adopted sons with Miranda.

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In 2016, Miranda became the first openly homos*xual person elected to Rio de Janeiro City Council. He then went on to serve in the Brazilian Congress beginning in 2019. After spending six weeks in the intensive care unit with a stomach ailment, CNN Brasil reported that Miranda abandoned his bid for reelection in September 2022.

There was a flood of internet memorials after his p@ssing. Miranda was “a young man with an extraordinary trajectory who left too soon,” as Brazil’s president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, tweeted.

“David was singular: the strongest, most passionate, most compassionate man I’ve known,” Greenwald tweeted.

“He inspired so many with his biography, passion, and force of life,” he wrote. Greenwald claims that Miranda’s mother passed away when he was five years old, “leaving him an orphan” in Rio’s destitute Jacarezinho area.

Greenwald has been at the forefront of breaking big stories about covert US intelligence activities. With the help of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, Greenwald revealed the existence of a program that is believed to have gathered extensive phone and Internet metadata on American citizens.

David Miranda P@ssed Away

While returning to Rio from Berlin in 2013, British security agents arrested and questioned Miranda at London’s Heathrow Airport for nine hours under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

In Berlin, Miranda stayed with director Laura Poitras, who the reporter noted had collaborated “extensively” with Greenwald on his NSA reporting.

The Guardian newspaper published an article stating that it funded Miranda’s airfare to Germany. “Miranda is not a Guardian employee but often assists Greenwald in his work,” the publication stated. Miranda’s laptop and flash drives were taken by UK officials.

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According to a profile from TIME magazine, Miranda met Greenwald in 2005 “when he was playing volleyball on Ipanema beach and accidentally knocked over an American tourist’s drink. That tourist was attorney Glenn Greenwald, better known today for his journalism.”

After a five-day meeting, the two “fell in love and moved in together.”

“But by far, David’s biggest dream, what gave him the greatest pride and purpose, was being a father. He was the most dedicated and loving parent,” Greenwald wrote on Twitter alongside images of their family.

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“He taught me how to be a father. And our exceptional boys – with their own difficult start to live – is his greatest legacy,” he added.

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