Did Sebastian Cheat on Becky? The Truth About Their Romance

Everyone seems to wonder whether Sebastian cheated on Becky, and rumors about scandals and infidelity have been flying. As we work to establish the facts of this purported act of betrayal, the spread of dishes has reached a fever pitch. You will learn the stunning truth and solve the puzzle beneath it in this mouthwatering story of love, secrets, and betrayal. Get ready.


Did Sebastian Cheat on Becky?

Becky G’s longtime boyfriend, Sebastian Lletget, allegedly cheated on her, according to an anonymous Instagram user. In 2022, the two were officially engaged. Becky G and Sebastian Lletget have been accused of cheating on each other since they were engaged in December 2022.

On March 23, allegations surfaced online when an Instagram account claimed to have evidence in the form of personal images, videos, and DM screenshots. According to the anonymous report, Lletget, then 30, cheated on his fiancee in February of 2023.

“Sebastian, your boyfriend, cheated on you in February, and I have all the proof (…). I can send them to you privately. A lot of the press is contacting me because I will not remain silent.” the message continues in Spanish. Because I refuse to keep quiet, I am getting a lot of calls from reporters.

The user, a lady who remains anonymous, specifically mentioned Becky G in her accusations. She also said she and the footballer went to the Madrid club Shoko together last month. Due to legal constraints, the supposed images and videos could not be released.

Did Sebastian Cheat on Becky

Instagram has temporarily disabled comments, but tweets containing recordings of the charges have been viewed over 1.6 million times. Many of Becky’s supporters are still in shock over the recent events, but they have quickly come to her defense.

“First Shakira and now Becky G. I AM UPSET,” one complained. Someone else joked that Shakira and the Shower singer would team up to create the ultimate revenge song. Becky and Sebastian have both remained silent about the rumors.

How Long Have Sebastian and Becky G Been Together?

After meeting through mutual acquaintances and fellow celebrity couple, Naomi Scott and Jordan Spence in 2016, their romance began. Becky and Naomi worked together on the third Power Rangers film, and Jordan used to play soccer for West Ham United with Sebastian.

Becky was 19, and Sebastian was 23 when this happened. The FC Dallas player and his girlfriend bonded over their Latinx heritage, facilitating his integration into her family. His parents are from Argentina, and Becky is from Mexico.

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He is his fiancee’s biggest fan and has made cameo appearances in her music videos and on red carpets to prove it. Very resourceful use of time during the covid epidemic. After d@ting for six years, on December 9, 2022, Sebastian proposed at a scenic location overlooking the water.

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