Google Maps New Color Scheme: What’s Changed and Why?

Google Maps is one of the most popular and widely used navigation apps in the world, with over a billion monthly active users. The app helps people find their way around the globe, explore new places, and get real-time traffic information.

However, some users may have noticed a change in the app’s appearance recently, as Google has rolled out a new color scheme for its maps.


What’s New in the New Color Scheme?

The new color scheme of Google Maps features a lighter background for land, darker grey roads, and a more vibrant blue for water. The green areas representing forests and parks are also darker, while the yellow areas for deserts and beaches are lighter.

The new color scheme also affects the navigation mode, with a darker green header and a dark blue route indicator. The new color scheme is a result of Google’s testing and feedback from users, according to a Google spokesperson.

The spokesperson said that the new colors are designed to “improve legibility and reduce eye strain” for users. The spokesperson also said that the new colors are more accurate and consistent with the real world, as they reflect the natural colors of land and water.

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How Are Users Reacting to the New Color Scheme?

The new color scheme of Google Maps has received mixed reactions from users, with some liking it and some hating it. Some users have praised the new colors for being more clear, modern, and realistic, while others have criticized them for being too dull, washed-out, and confusing.

Some of the common complaints from users are that the new colors make it harder to distinguish roads from land, especially in urban areas; that the new colors are too bright and hurt the eyes, especially in dark mode; and that the new colors are too similar to Apple Maps, which has a similar color scheme.

Some users have also expressed their wish to have the option to switch back to the old color scheme, or to customize the colors according to their preferences. However, Google has not announced any plans to offer such options, and it seems that the new color scheme is here to stay.

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What Does the New Color Scheme Mean for Google Maps?

The new color scheme of Google Maps is a significant change for the app, as it affects the look and feel of the maps for millions of users. The change also reflects Google’s efforts to improve its maps and navigation services, by making them more user-friendly, accurate, and consistent.

The new color scheme may also have some implications for Google’s competitors, such as Apple Maps, which has a similar color scheme. Some users may prefer Google Maps over Apple Maps for its features and functionality, while others may prefer Apple Maps over Google Maps for its aesthetics and design.

The new color scheme of Google Maps is a matter of personal preference and taste, and users may have different opinions on it. However, one thing is certain: Google Maps is constantly evolving and improving, and users can expect more changes and updates in the future.

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