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How Old Is Da Brat Girlfriend Judy? The Couple Is Set To Welcome Their First Child

How Old Is Da Brat Girlfriend Judy

How Old Is Da Brat Girlfriend Judy

On March 26, 2020, Da Brat confirmed that she is dating Jesseca Dupart, who owns a business that sells hair products. After dating for a while, Da Brat and Dupart tied the knot in Georgia on February 22, 2022. When Da Brat Loves Judy premiered on WeTV in 2021, hip-hop fans were rejoiced. They got to see the chemistry between the lovely couple.

The Funkdafied rapper and her wife has always been in the public spot due to their professional lives, however recently, the fans are eager to know as to how old is Da Brat girlfriend Judy.


How Old Is Da Brat Girlfriend Judy?

Judy, Da Brat’s girlfriend, is 41 years old in 2023. There is a significant age difference between the two of them, particularly eight years. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on February 12, 1982.

Judy, mother of three, established her Kaleidoscope hair company in 2013. While Judy was on tour in 2017, Da Brat ran into her in Atlanta. They “started off as good friends and now they’re pretty much inseparable,” one of them remarked on Da Brat Loves Judy.

Follow @darealbbjudy on Instagram, where she has 1.8 million followers. In her Instagram bio, she mentions that real estate is another area of expertise for Kaleidoscope.

How Old Is Da Brat Girlfriend Judy

Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart, Da Brat’s Wife And A Successful Businesswoman Is Expecting Her First Child

The rapper, who is 48 years old, said on Tuesday, “It’s been quite a journey.” The source said that Da Brat is 18 weeks pregnant, which is well into her second trimester. She doesn’t feel sick or have cravings, but says she cries easily and is “always sleepy.” You can also read How Old Is LL Cool J.

After posting on Instagram in February 2022 as a joke about a planned cooperation on hair products, the women joked that they were “EXTENDING the family,” and Season 2 of “Brat Loves Judy” followed their journey to fertility.

Her 41-year-old wife has three kids from a previous relationship, and she had strong feelings about who should carry their child. Harris-Dupart said, “We had a little tug-o-war in the beginning … but I felt like she should have the experience.” You can see the official tweet here:-

After learning on their reality show that she had uterine tumours and would never be able to carry a kid to term, rapper Da Brat sought a second opinion. A second physician reassured the performer that she could carry a child after having the fibroids removed, as they were not a serious health risk.

On “Brat Loves Judy,” they also showed how they chose a donor. All of the donors’ profiles were full of great things about them. Da Brat The hip-hop artist told an old friend, “I think our child should be musically inclined. I don’t want a child who has no rhythm.” She said the kid didn’t have to be a rapper. She prayed silently that her child would develop a love of music. Have a look at How Old Is Brandi Carlile.

The women chose a “enthusiastic entrepreneur” donor who had previously been described as “eager” to use Harris-eggs. News outlets  said that there was one miscarriage, but they kept going with another one of Harris-fertilized Dupart’s eggs.

Harris-Dupart’s egg production was sparked with hormone stimulation, but the pair stated on Monday’s episode of Sherri Shepherd‘s talk show that the process came with  severe side effects. She experienced ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, which led to collapsed lungs and heart enlargement.

Da Brat told Shepherd, “It was very scary. Can you imagine feeling like you’re going to lose your wife? She called her kids to tell them she loved them, which really freaked me out. Like, I can’t lose you right now.” Possibly of interest to you How Old Is PewDiePie.

Da Brat Announced In 2020 That She Was A Lesbian

Da Brat told the world she was a lesbian in a March 2020 Instagram post about the amazing early birthday gift she got from her wife: a white Bentley with red interior and a custom-ordered red bow.

“I’ve always been a kind of private person until I met my heart’s match who handles some things differently than I do,” wrote Da Brat, whose real name is Shawntae Harris-Dupart. “Thank you baby @darealbbjudy for far more than this incredible birthday gift. I have never experienced this feeling. It’s so overwhelming that often I find myself in a daze hoping to never get pinched to see if it’s real so I can live in this dream forever.” You may also be interested in How Old Is Stevie Wonder.

“I’ve never been SOOOO happy and honestly think that it’s not only because of our connection but also because we’ve really been to ourselves,” the former girlfriend wrote as a caption on a  post. “But then all these videos keep popping up like we hiding … But WE BE IN PUBLIC … why is y’all hiding to get footage. My better half, my forever, my twin flame.” You can also check the tweet below:-

To sum up, it is clear that we have talked about How Old Is Da Brat Girlfriend Judy. There is an age difference of eight years between the couple, with Da Brat being 48 years old and her wife Judy being 41 years old. If you would like to know more content, please visit our website

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