Intel Hints at Windows 12 Release in 2024: When Will It Be Available?

Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 11, was released in October 2021 with a new look, greater performance, and more security. Even then, it appears that Microsoft is already at work on the upcoming Windows edition, which may be called Windows 12 and arrive in 2024.


Intel’s CFO Reveals a “Windows Refresh” in 2024

The speculation about Windows 12 was sparked by a comment made by Intel’s CFO, David Zinsner, during a financial conference with Citi last month. Zinsner hinted at a potential “Windows refresh” in 2024, which could boost Intel’s revenues by encouraging consumers to upgrade their PCs.

“We actually think 2024 is going to be a pretty good year for clients, in particular, because of the Windows refresh,” said Zinsner at the Citi analyst conference. “We still think that the install base is pretty old, and does require a refresh. We think next year may be the start of that given the Windows catalyst,” Zinsner added.

Zinsner did not explicitly mention Windows 12, but his use of the term “refresh” suggests that he was referring to a major update of the operating system, rather than a minor one. Microsoft usually uses the term “refresh” to describe a new version of Windows, such as when it announced Windows 11 as a “refresh” of Windows 10.

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What Could Windows 12 Offer?

Given that Microsoft has not made any formal statements on Windows 12, it is too soon to predict the features and changes that it will include. We can, however, hazard some educated assumptions based on some hints and rumours.

The fusion of cloud and AI technologies may be one of the primary areas of concentration for Windows 12. With the new Snap Layouts and Snap Groups capabilities in Windows 11, which automatically resize and reposition windows on the screen, Microsoft has already demonstrated its interest in utilizing AI to improve user experience and productivity.

In order to provide more streamlined and secure access to data and apps across devices, the corporation might also make use of its cloud services, such as Azure and Microsoft 365. Another possible direction for Windows 12 could be the improvement of web and PWA (progressive web app) integration.

Microsoft has been working on improving its Edge browser and its support for PWAs, which are web apps that can run offline and behave like native apps. Windows 11 already allows users to install PWAs from the Microsoft Store or directly from the browser. Windows 12 could further enhance this capability by allowing users to pin PWAs to the taskbar or Start menu, or even run them in their own windows.

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When Will Windows 12 Be Available?

We can anticipate the arrival of Windows 12 in 2024 if Intel’s CFO is right. This does not imply, however, that we must wait until then to see how it will seem or operate. Members of Microsoft’s Insider Program typically receive preview builds of upcoming editions of Windows so they can test them and provide comments.

Typically, these preview builds begin to circulate months before the scheduled debut. As a result, the first Windows 12 preview builds may be released in late 2023 or early 2024.

These preview builds, which undoubtedly contain flaws and lack functionality, will not accurately represent the final version of Windows 12. They will, however, give us a hint as to what Microsoft is working on and what to anticipate from the upcoming OS release.


Although Windows 12 is still a mystery, Intel’s CFO has made a suggestion that it may be arriving around 2024. We can assume that Windows 12 will prioritize web and PWA integration, AI and cloud integration, and other upgrades over Windows 11 based on various hints and rumours.

Before Windows 12’s scheduled release, there’s a potential that we’ll get to see some preview builds of the software, which will provide us with additional details on its capabilities and modifications. In the interim, we may take advantage of Windows 11’s fresh look, improved speed, and increased security.

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