iPhone users in Arizona can now add their driver’s license


Arizona has become the first state where you iPhone users can add their driver’s license or your state identification card directly to their device. Apple announced on Wednesday that Arizona is the first state to offer residents this option, where they can add their license or their ID directly to their wallet app. The travelers who have their driver’s license or their state ID on their iPhone can go to select transportation security administration checkpoints, at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and check in.


Basically, what needs to be done is if you have it on your phone, you go up to, basically, a digital reader which works like when you tap for Apple Pay. You go to this reader, you tap your phone, the phone will pull up your license. It’ll say, “This is what the TSA wants to see.” You agree to it, and then the TSA sees all your information. You have to have a picture taken as well, because it’s similar to the process where, when you go check out with TSA, say at the airport, and you hand your ID, they look at you. They look at the ID.

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