Due To The Poor Ratings, American Pickers Fans Worry That It Will Be Cancelled

Fans of the History Channel’s American Pickers reality show have seemingly lost interest since the exit of longtime host Frank Fritz. A new episode hasn’t aired in weeks, ratings have been falling for months, and cast and crew members are leaving to work on other projects, all of which points to the show’s cancellation. Viewers of the show eagerly wants to know whether American Pickers is cancelled or not.

The original idea behind American Pickers was that Frank and Mike Wolfe, who used to be Frank’s best friend, travel all over the country looking for rare items and antiques to sell in their shops.


Is American Pickers Cancelled?

Due to the show’s poor ratings, American Pickers fans worry that Mike Wolfe’s show will be cancelled if a new episode is not streamed live soon. The History Channel programme has been off the air for some time due to rapidly declining ratings.

Those who care about American Pickers have spoken out about their dismay at the show’s cancellation. On Saturday, the show’s official Twitter shared four photographs of host Mike Wolfe’s most recent antique finds.

American Pickers captioned their post: There will be no new episode of American Pickers this Saturday, so in the meantime, we thought it would be fun to share some of our recent picks that all share a very common colour: red. There were pictures of a red motorcycle, a red neon clock, a red car from 1897, and a red boat. You can see the tweet below which contains all the four pictures.

But fans were confused by the break between episodes and quickly came up with their own ideas. You can also check out the latest news we have covered on our website Did New Amsterdam Get Cancelled.

One fan said, “I won’t be watching it again unless Frank Fritz returns, which he won’t.” Another fan remarked, “I heard it’s canceled, hope it was worth it firing him!” Someone speculated, “I’m getting the feeling the viewers want ‘ol oil can Frank back. Keep Robbie [Wolfe], but work things out and spin it as a re-launch. America needs this!” You can see the tweet below in which Mike and Jersey Jon admire the craftsmanship and visual appeal of an antique wood crankshaft.

The Viewership Of American Pickers Is Declining At A Fast Pace

Ever since July 9, new episodes of American Pickers Season 23 have been released weekly. However, after last week’s episode, a shocking 200,000 viewers abandoned the show. The news outlets reported 829,000 viewers for the Saturday, August 27 episode.

The Viewership Of American Pickers Is Declining At A Fast Pace
The Viewership Of American Pickers Is Declining At A Fast Pace

The network probably made the risky decision to air the new episode at 8 pm instead of the usual 9 pm slot, which resulted in a drop in ratings. Because of the departure of fan favourite Frank Fritz and the introduction of Mike’s brother Robbie, the show’s ratings have been on the decline.

Only 868,000 people watched the episode on August 13, while only 821,000 people watched the episode on July 29. This was down from the 901,000 viewers the show had on July 23. There were only 833,000 people who watched the premiere on July 9 according to the ratings. American Pickers Season 23 premiered on January 1, 2022, to an audience of 1,050,000 which was quite low. If you are curious to know more about cancellation of show, then read Dr Phill Cancelled.

A total of 1,011,000 people watched the January 8 episode. Only 830,000 people watched the episode that aired on March 12th, indicating that viewers lost interest as the season came to a close. In the end, only 804,000 people watched the March 19 episode, the last one before a long break. You can check the official tweet by American Pickers below in which Mike and Ed Toth discuss a possible deal for several vintage Volkswagen convertibles.

In conclusion, it is abundantly clear that we have discussed the topic of Is American Pickers cancelled or not. There are strong indications that the show will be cancelled due to Frank’s dismissal and the subsequent drop in ratings. Since Frank’s exit, ratings have dropped along with viewer approval for the episodes. If you’re interested in reading more, you can find it on our website talkxbox.com.

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