Is Lynette Martinez Missing? The Search for a Missing Woman

The strange disappearance of Lynette Martinez has been making headlines and tearing hearts. Her loved ones and the authorities have been scouring the area for any sign of her whereabouts, but no leads have been found as of yet.

Why did this cherished female disappear without a trace, and what happened to her? While the investigation continues, people band together to raise awareness about her disappearance and console her loved ones.

Explore the life of Lynette Martinez with us; she may be missing, but her legacy lives on in the optimism and solidarity she inspired in her loved ones.

Is Lynette Martinez Missing?

She-Hulk, aka female wrestler Lynette Martinez, disappeared after winning a title match in Texas. The 30-year-old was last spotted at an Ultimate Fighting Championship event in San Antonio on March 24.

The hunt for missing wrestler Lynette Martinez began as soon as her loved ones notified the police, and after nearly ten days, the athlete was located in the Austin region. Mother and search party both report that Lynette is safe and sound.

According to, Lynette Martinez updated her Instagram followers on her health status to let them know she was doing OK. What she said was:

“Thank you all for your prayers and concerns. At this time, I would like some privacy to gather myself and rest. Never give up. I love you all with all my heart.”

Wrestler was found by police and claimed to be unharmed and in good hands. Neither the authorities nor her family has commented on the circumstances surrounding her disappearance or subsequent recovery.

Is Lynette Martinez Missing

On March 24, 2023, Wrestler She-Hulk, Lynette Martinez, traveled to San Antonio for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. She would be back in El Paso in only a couple of days. But her mother discovered her daughter’s disappearance all of a sudden.

Lynette’s mother posted on Facebook that her daughter had not returned home after she had reported the missing wrestler to the police. A mutual friend of Lynette Martinez and myself, Sara Gonzalez-Lunda, posted on Facebook that the wrestler spent Friday night at her San Antonio apartment but left at 4 a.m. on Saturday to meet a mystery man.

Sara claims that the man had offered to introduce Lynette to UFC insiders. The next day, Lynette contacted Sara to tell her that Sara would be picking up her items. Sara did not show up.

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Both of the wrestler’s phones were turned off, according to Sara and Martinez’s mom. The family became concerned and made a social media appeal for assistance. The mother revealed that Lynette is the mother of twin girls and another daughter in the abovementioned post. Also, she said that Lynette is the oldest of her siblings in a separate entry.

Local media have claimed that Lynette’s family suspected a possible case of trafficking, while it is unclear if she was abducted or simply ran away. As of this writing, Lynette has not commented on her disappearance but is safe at home.

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