Who is Johnny Manzil Girlfriend? D@ting a Microblading Artist Changed His Life!

Johnny Manziel is a very popular football player in the United States. Both in high school and in college, he has done a great job. The way he played in high school and college helped him get picked for the NFL. He has played for several teams and a few seasons in the Canadian Football League (CFL). In all this time, Johnny has become very famous, and he has a large number of fans. He has also made a good amount of money from his work. His net worth is currently $7 million.

Did you hear that Johnny Manzil is going out with a person who does microblading? Some people say that she is the reason why he has changed recently. Is she the person who made him change? Or is he just trying to keep up with the times? Just wait and see.

Is Johnny Manziel D@ting Any Instagram Model?

The ex-NFL quarterback and his model girlfriend Werner were spotted on a Miami beach, with Werner donning a beige thong bik!ni and administering sunscreen to Manziel. Manziel and Werner appear to be getting closer to one another after spending a lot of time together recently.

Despite leaving the NFL, Johnny Manziel appears to be doing well. The former Heisman champion has shed his image as a wild party animal during his college and early professional days. He’s played quarterback in a few different football leagues, but he finally found a home with the Zappers of the Fan Controlled Football League.

The fact that he is dating micro blading artist Kenzie Warner indicates that things are going swimmingly off the field, as well.

Some photos of Kenzie Warner and Johnny Manziel’s growing romance are included below:


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After graduating from Texas A&M, Manziel was selected first overall by the Cleveland Browns in the 2014 NFL Draft. He was cut by the Browns after two years because his career as an NFL quarterback never took off. The documentary about Johnny Manziel’s football career will debut on Netflix later this week.

Former first-round pick Manziel hasn’t played competitive football in a while. He has recently opened a bar in College Station, Texas, and is completely immersed in the business world. The former Texas A&M Aggies standout is doing well in other areas of life as well. Kenzie Werner is Manziel’s girlfriend. His girlfriend’s clothing became a viral sensation.

Johnny Manzil Girlfriend

Since early 2022, when they first appeared in one other’s social media posts, Manziel and Werner have been linked.

According to reports, Manziel’s girlfriend is a Houston-based Instagram model. She has a dual career in the hotel business and as a microblading artist.

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Werner posted the following on her Instagram Story: “Was hacked last night. Just got my account back. Please disregard what was posted. It isn’t as it seems.”

Johnny Manzil Girlfriend

A spokesperson for the model claimed that the photographs had nothing to do with Manziel, his client, or their relationship and that the former Texas A&M Aggies quarterback has never abused Werner. Werner’s injuries were allegedly sustained in a workplace mishap when a bottle of champagne shattered on her.

These are the only facts we have on Johnny Manzilgirlfriend. Bookmark this page to learn more about the romantic histories of famous couples.

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