League of Legends Reveals New Champion Hwei, the Artistic Mage

League of Legends, the popular multiplayer online battle arena game, has announced its latest addition to the champion roster: Hwei, the artistic mage. Hwei is a mid-lane champion who can create and manipulate paintings with his magic. He is expected to join the game in patch 13.24, the final update of the 2023 season.


Hwei’s Background and Lore

Hwei is an Ionian artist who made a deal with Ashlesh, the Lord of Joy, one of the primordial demons that lurk in the shadows of Runeterra. Ashlesh granted Hwei the power to bring his paintings to life, but at a terrible cost: Hwei’s own emotions and memories are slowly fading away, leaving him with a sombre and detached personality.

Hwei’s artistic journey can be summarized in three stages, according to Riot Lexical, the lead champion designer. First, he learned the principles and rules of art from the masters before him.

Then, he broke and explored those rules to find his own style and expression. And finally, he transcended to a new level of artistry, where he can create anything he imagines with his magic. Hwei’s narrative writer, Riot Orkidian, described him as an emotional and empathetic character, despite his appearance.

Writing Hwei has been an emotional journey, one that’s shown me more than I could’ve ever imagined. He’s the first new champ I’ve worked on, so making the right choices for him was challenging, even overwhelming, at times. But fortunately, Hwei himself has been really understanding! Or at least he’s trying to be. After all, art requires a certain… empathy.”

TechRaptor shared a post on Twitter:

Hwei’s Abilities and Gameplay

Hwei’s abilities and gameplay have not been officially revealed by Riot Games yet, but some details have been leaked by various sources. According to GameRiv, Hwei’s abilities are based on three different painting subjects: a dragon, a flower, and a star.

Each subject has a different effect and can be combined or manipulated by Hwei’s other abilities. Hwei’s passive ability is called Inkwell, which allows him to store charges of ink that he can use to cast his abilities.

His Q ability is called Paint, which lets him create a painting of one of his three subjects at a target location. His W ability is called Brushstroke, which lets him modify his existing paintings by changing their shape, size, or position.

His E ability is called Canvas, which lets him create a blank canvas that he can use to paint on or teleport to. His R ability is called Masterpiece, which lets him activate all of his paintings at once, unleashing their full power.

Hwei’s gameplay is expected to be highly complex and versatile, as he can create different combinations of paintings and manipulate them to suit his needs. He can use his paintings to deal damage, crowd control, heal, shield, or escape, depending on the situation. He can also use his canvas to create new painting locations or surprise his enemies with unexpected teleports.

Hwei’s gameplay designer, Riot Hoboboy, said that Hwei is a champion for players who love to experiment and express themselves. Hwei is a champion that rewards creativity and innovation.

He has a lot of tools and options to play with, but he also has a high skill ceiling and a steep learning curve. He is not a champion for everyone, but for those who master him, he can be a truly artistic mage.

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Hwei’s Release Date and Skins

Hwei is expected to be released in patch 13.24, which is scheduled for November 24, 2023. He will be the last champion to join the game in the 2023 season, and the second mid-lane champion to be released this year, after Naafiri.

Hwei will also come with skin from the Winterblessed skin line, which features champions in a snowy and festive theme. The Winterblessed skin line will also include skins for Zeri, Naafiri, Briar, and Milio.

Hwei’s Winterblessed skin will feature him in a cozy and colorful outfit, with a scarf, gloves, and a hat. His paintings will also change to match the winter theme, such as a snowman, a pine tree, and a snowflake. His Winterblessed skin will cost 1350 RP and will be available in the store along with his release.


Hwei is the latest champion to join League of Legends, and he promises to bring a unique and artistic gameplay experience to the mid-lane. He is a complex and versatile mage who can create and manipulate paintings with his magic, thanks to his deal with the primordial demon Ashlesh.

He is expected to join the game in patch 13.24, along with a Winterblessed skin. Hwei is a champion for players who love to experiment and express themselves, and who are not afraid of a challenge.

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