Who is Lisa Hochstein Boyfriend? The RHOM Star’s Love Story Begins

In this episode of “The Real Housewives of Miami” (RHOM), star Lisa Hochstein, who is known for her role on the show, will take you behind the scenes of her romantic life. Find out who Lisa Hochstein’s boyfriend is as we piece together the beginning of her enthralling love tale. Let’s investigate the love interest that has won her affection, shall we?

Who is Lisa Hochstein Boyfriend Now?

Following her divorce from Lenny Hochstein and the time of his new relationship with girlfriend Katharine Mazepa, the star of The Real Housewives of Miami has had a “rollercoaster” of a year. However, she is now an independent adult.

The entrepreneur she’s seeing, who made a brief appearance on the RHOM Season 5 reunion, is Jody Glidden. In February 2023, after months of rumors and sightings, Lisa finally admitted that she is d@ting Glidden.

During an interview with ET she said:

“I guess it’s sort of out of the bag,”

“He’s a great guy. He’s been super supportive of me.” She went on to describe the ways in which he differs from her soon-to-be ex-husband. She praised him, saying, “He has empathy, he cares, wants to motivate me to do better, be my best.”

“So, it’s a lot of things that I’m not used to dealing with, or used to having from my previous relationship.”

Glidden is the CEO and co-founder of Introhive, which describes itself on LinkedIn as an “award-winning software company that helps large, complex, sales-focused B2B enterprises become more customer intelligent.”

Lisa Hochstein Boyfriend

Glidden studied Management Information Systems at Harvard for his Master’s degree. Glidden, like Hochstein, is originally from Canada but now makes his home in Miami. He and his ex-wife also have a daughter, Peyton, who is nine years old. They rarely mention one other online or engage in any public displays of affection.

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