Mary Tyler Moore Children De@th: How Did Richie Meeker D!e?

Mary Tyler Moore, best known as the star of the sitcom “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” had a successful entertainment career spanning over half a century, but she was forced to retire after suffering a tragic loss in her personal life.

Richie Meeker, the winner of an Emmy, lost his only kid, who was only 24 years old when he p@ssed away in 1980. Moore has disclosed, in the years that have passed since the p@ssing of her son, how she has dealt with her grief throughout the trying time. Please scroll down for additional information regarding the late star’s family.

Richie Meeker Cause of De@th

On July 3, 1956, Moore and her first husband, Richard Meeker, welcomed their only child, Richard Carleton “Richie” Meeker Jr. From 1955 to 1962, they were happily married. The star of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” got pregnant just six weeks after her wedding, when she was only eighteen years old.

Mary Tyler Moore Children De@th

Moore’s first marriage to Richie’s dad ended in divorce, and she wed Grant Tinker in 1962. Later, when Richie enrolled at USC, he shared a house with a number of other students. He was an ardent g*n collector and worked in the CBS studios mail office at the time.

On October 14, 1980, while he was holding his shotgun in his home, Richie accidentally sh0t himself in the head.

“He was loading and unloading the short-barreled gun when it went off,” his roommate Judy Vasquez said of the tragedy, per The Washington Post. “It was awful. He must have pulled the trigger. There was a big bang and he fell on the bed.”

Richie’s de@th was deemed an acc!dent by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office.

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