Master Roshi Actor De@th: How Did Brazilian Actor Gileno Santoro D!es?

Master Roshi from the Dragon Ball series is one of the most well-known figures in anime and comics. Fans have loved the wise old turtle loner for decades because of his strength, humor, and sometimes perverted habits.

But the recent de@th of Brazilian actor Gileno Santoro, who played Master Roshi in the Portuguese-language version of the cartoon, has left many people asking what happened to him. Join me as I tell you the sad story of how Gileno Santoro d!ed and remember the man who brought one of Dragon Ball’s most famous characters to life.

Master Roshi Actor De@th

On April 14, 2023, Santoro d!ed away at 74 in So Paulo, Brazil. He was a famous Brazilian voice actor who gave life to various animated characters, notably Master Roshi in Dragon Ball. According to various reports, lung cancer was listed as the cause of de@th.

Voice actor Wendel Bezerra, Santoro’s closest buddy in the business, verified the tragic news. They were colleagues in separate locations but always there for one other. Wendel Bezerra expressed his sadness over the loss, saying, “This is a huge loss for the Brazilian dubbing community. Gileno was a very kind person, and everyone loved him.”

Santoro had a long and successful career in Brazil’s voice acting scene, earning him a reputation as a major player.

Santoro’s de@th has been deeply felt by the Brazilian voice-acting community and his legions of devoted admirers. He had made an unmistakable impression on the field, and his work would be celebrated for years.

Master Roshi Actor De@th

Fans and colleagues worldwide paid their condolences to the actor, who was liked and admired by many. A wake for Gileno Santoro was conducted in the Cemitério do Araçá in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on April 15th.

From 6 to 10 o’clock, mourners were welcome to join the service in honor of the late actor. He will be sorely missed for everything he did to advance the animation business and his unforgettable portrayals of timeless cartoon icons.

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There will never be another voice like Gileno Santoro, whose contributions to the industry and unforgettable performances as a renowned cartoon character will be sorely lost.

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