MediaTek Announces Dimensity 9300 Chipset with All Big Core Design and Generative AI Engine

MediaTek, one of the leading mobile chipmakers, has unveiled its latest flagship chipset, the Dimensity 9300, which boasts a unique All Big Core design, a powerful GPU with raytracing support, and a generative AI engine for edge computing.

The Dimensity 9300 is MediaTek’s most advanced and innovative chipset yet, aiming to deliver unmatched performance and efficiency for flagship smartphones.


All Big Core CPU: 8 Cores of Extreme Performance

The Dimensity 9300 is the first to market with the latest Arm Cortex-X4 and Cortex-A720 processors – the world’s first flagship smartphone chip to use all big cores: four Cortex-X4 and four -A720 processors that give enthusiasts the ultimate performance.

The Cortex-X4 is the highest-performance CPU core from Arm, offering up to 15% single-core performance upgrade and 40% multi-core performance upgrade compared to the previous generation.

The Cortex-A720 is the most efficient big core from Arm, providing up to 33% multi-core power saving compared to the previous generation. The Dimensity 9300 also features a large 18MB L3 + SLC cache, which is 29% larger than the previous generation, to improve memory access speed and reduce latency.

The chipset is manufactured using the 3rd generation TSMC 4nm chip production process, which offers higher transistor density and lower power consumption. Moreover, the chipset adopts a 2nd generation thermal optimized package design by MediaTek, which enhances heat dissipation and reduces thermal throttling.

The Dimensity 9300 supports flagship-grade memory and storage, such as LPDDR5T 9600Mbps, which is the world’s fastest smartphone memory, and UFS 4.0 + MCQ, which offers faster and more reliable data transfer.

The chipset also enables outstanding user experiences for enthusiasts, such as zero-delay app launches, smoother multi-app use, and seamless gaming and multitasking.

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Generative AI Engine: Faster and Safer Edge AI Computing

The Dimensity 9300 integrates MediaTek’s next-generation APU architecture, which incorporates a hardware-generative AI engine, enabling faster and safer edge AI computing.

The generative AI engine can perform tasks such as text, image, and music generation, as well as data augmentation, compression, and encryption, without relying on cloud servers or an internet connection.

The APU 790, the AI processor in the Dimensity 9300, doubles the integer and floating-point operations performance, while reducing power consumption by 45%, compared to the previous generation.

The APU 790 also adapts the Transformer model for operator acceleration, which makes the processing speed 8 times faster than the previous generation, with image generation within one second using Stable Diffusion.

The APU 790 supports mixed-precision INT4 quantization technology, which, when combined with MediaTek’s NeuroPilot memory hardware compression, can more efficiently utilize memory bandwidth and significantly reduce memory requirements for large AI models.

The APU 790 also supports NeuroPilot Fusion, which can continuously perform LoRA low-rank adaptation and is capable of supporting large language models with up to 33 billion parameters.

The Dimensity 9300 supports cutting-edge mainstream large language models, such as Meta Llama 2, Baichuan 2, Baidu AI LLM, and more, which help developers quickly and efficiently deploy multi-modal generative AI applications to provide users with innovative generative AI experiences.

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Immortalis-G720 GPU: World’s Best Performance and Most Efficient Raytracing Mobile GPU

The Dimensity 9300 features the latest flagship GPU from Arm, the Immortalis-G720, which supercharges mobile gaming experiences. The Immortalis-G720 offers an extra 46% peak performance, 40% power savings, and 40% memory bandwidth savings in geometry-heavy game scenes, compared to the previous generation.

The Dimensity 9300 also combines the extreme octa-core CPU design with MediaTek’s second-generation hardware raytracing engine, which provides gamers with fast, full raytracing experiences at a smooth 60 FPS and is the world’s first mobile platform to achieve console-level global illumination effects.

The raytracing engine supports 2X MSAA, 2X pixel blend throughput, and 2X texture throughput, which enhance the visual quality and realism of games. The Dimensity 9300 also features MediaTek’s HyperEngine Adaptive Gaming Technology, which optimizes the performance, power, and network of the chipset for the best gaming experience.

The HyperEngine can dynamically adjust the CPU and GPU frequency, voltage, and temperature, as well as the network latency and bandwidth, according to the game scenario and user behaviour. The HyperEngine also supports 5G dual SIM dual standby, Wi-Fi 6E, and Bluetooth 5.3, which ensure fast and stable connectivity for online gaming.


The Dimensity 9300 is MediaTek’s most powerful and innovative flagship chipset to date, which brings a huge boost in raw computing power, generative AI capabilities, and gaming performance to flagship smartphones.

The chipset is expected to power the next generation of premium devices from leading smartphone brands, such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and Realme, in the coming months.

The Dimensity 9300 is MediaTek’s answer to the competition from Qualcomm, Samsung, and Apple, and shows the company’s ambition and vision to lead the mobile industry with its cutting-edge technology and solutions.

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