How To Tackle The Habitation Deck In Metroid Fusion? A Detailed Walkthrough

As soon as players acquire the Wide Beam in Metroid Fusion, they will be prompted to search the Habitation Deck for any remaining survivors. It’s easy to get here using the in-game map, however some players may wonder what they should do once they get here. We hope this guide or walkthrough helps clear things up for you, as it contains every detail on how to tackle the Habitation Deck in Metroid Fusion.

Guide To The Habitation Deck In Metroid Fusion

The first area you should enter in Metroid Fusion is the vertical room to the right of the Habitation Deck. When Samus walks in front of them, two Funes extend from the wall. The players should take the extra time to shoot the Funes with Ice Missiles, then use their frozen bodies to climb to the top of the chamber and through the door to the upper level of the Habitation Deck.

Guide To The Habitation Deck In Metroid Fusion
Guide To The Habitation Deck In Metroid Fusion

Players should head left now and aim their Beams at the building to the right of the closed gate. Once the hole has been formed, players should descend through it, shoot the button to the right to open the gate, and then proceed to the far right of this level. From here, supporters can engage Speed Booster and dash to the left to get over a barrier on the far left wall.

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According to Game Rant, if players break the block, they will fall through to the Habitation Deck below, where they can access the gate on their right and get a Missile Tank. After that, spectators should head back to the left and make a running jump into the left-hand wall. From that wall, one can access a shaft to the left of the Habitation Deck through an open hatch.

To progress through this shaft, players must employ Ice Missiles to transform the Funes into platforms before ascending the wall-mounted ladders. When 2D Metroid players get to the top, they can enter a new section of the Habitation Deck through a doorway on the right that they couldn’t reach before.

Players should step on a device in this location to free the “survivors” and unlock the gate to the right. You can check the official tweet by Liam Robertson below with regard to Metroid Fusion.

Those who have completed this mission may return to the Main Deck’s Navigation Room to get their next task. Fans of Metroid can unlock the Power Bomb ability by completing this mission, which involves a return journey to Sector 5.

Clearly, we have discussed the complete walkthrough of Metroid Fusion. If you wish to play Metroid Fusion, you can do so on the Game Boy Advance or the Nintendo Switch Online with the Expansion Pack. For additional information, check out

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