What is Oshi No Ko Episode 2 Release Date? Surprises Coming on Screens

Prepare yourselves, anime lovers, because the second episode of “Oshi No Ko” is quickly approaching! Fans of the series have anxiously anticipated the continuation of this enthralling story, and the release date has finally been announced. Mark your calendars and get ready for the next episode of this exciting anime adventure.


Oshi No Ko Episode 2 Release Date

On April 19, 2023, the second episode of “Oshi no Ko” finally premiered, per the reports of dualshockers.com. The second episode of “Oshi no Ko” is available on numerous streaming platforms outside of Japan, including HiDIVE, Bilibili, Ani-One Asia ULTRA, and Netflix Asia.

Oshi No Ko Episode 2 Release Date

Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, Chiba TV, GTV, BS11, and many more broadcast in Japan.

‘Oshi no Ko’ episode 2: Cast

The voice actors in Oshi no Ko are incredible, and they all bring something special to the table. Rie Takahashi narrates Ai Hoshino, Takeo Otsuka represents Aquamarine Hoshino, Yurie Igoma voices Ruby Hoshino, Manaka Iwami lends her voice to Akane Kurokawa, Megumi Han gives life to Kana Arima, and Rumi Okubo voices Mem-cho.

What Happened Before Oshi No Ko?

In the past, Doctor Gorou Amemiya had been an ardent supporter of Ai Hoshino. Ai surprised Gorou by showing up at his remote hospital at 20 weeks pregnant with twins without disclosing who the father was.

Ai told Gorou that, despite being an orphan, one of her greatest dreams is to start a family and continue her job as an idol at the same time. Gorou promised Ai he would always look out for her and their children.

Tragically, on the day Ai gave birth, Gorou was thrown down a cliff and killed by a stalker. However, he was reincarnated as Aquamarine, Ai’s son, while his sister Ruby was the reincarnation of Sarina, one of Gorou’s past patients.

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Aquamarine and Ruby became increasingly interested in show business and their mother’s famous profession as an idol as the days passed. The twins devised a cunning plan to hide Ai’s pregnancy, and because of their quick thinking and ingenuity, Miyako, responsible for watching them while Ai performed, was duped.

Aquamarine’s mother’s career took off after he secured a role in a film with her. Ai’s debut in the Tokyo Dome was one of the most anticipated events of her life, but she tragically died at the hands of the same stalker who had killed Gorou.

After Ai’s murder, her manager took up her kids, and Aquamarine vowed vengeance on the babies’ biological father, whom he believed to be the stalker’s accomplice. To reconnect with his estranged father, he decided to pursue a career in acting. Aquamarine carried out his revenge plot years later when the twins were freshmen in high school.

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