Perfect Addiction Prime Video Release Date: Film is Coming Out!

Once the much-anticipated film “Perfect Addiction” finally finds its way to Amazon Video, prepare to give in to the Addiction that tops all other addictions! This series will suck you in and leave you wanting more because of its jaw-dropping plot twists, interesting characters, and engaging relationships between them.

Don’t forget to circle the release date of “Perfect Addiction” in your calendars and get ready to start your marathon viewing sessions because the show’s premiere is coming up very soon!

Perfect Addiction Prime Video Release Date

The official full-length trailer for Perfect Addiction, a film adaptation of the popular Wattpad and new adult romance writer Claudia Tan’s web novel of the same name, has been made available on Prime Video.

As per the reports from, On March 24, 2023, the film was available and accessible to Amazon Video users in Europe (except Germany, Switzerland, and Austria), Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Prime Video UK, something related to “Perfect Addiction” was posted on your Twitter account.

Castille Landon, whose other work for Prime Video includes the smash successes After We Fell and After Ever Happily, is at the helm for Perfect Addiction. The film stars Matthew Noszka, who recently appeared in “After We Fell,” Kiana Madeira (After We Fell), and Ross Butler (13 Reasons Why) (Star). Manu Bennett, Bree Winslow, and Nicholas Duvernay (all of Euphoria) back them up (Spartacus: Gods of the Arena).

Sienna Lane (Kiana Madeira), an MMA trainer, believed she had everything she ever wanted: a fantastic apartment, a dream job, and the love of her life, Jax (Matthew Noszka). Together, Jax and Sienna appeared unstoppable, as Sienna helped Jax achieve his goal of being the ultimate MMA underground champion.

Perfect Addiction Prime Video Release Date

In every way, it was ideal… until she discovers Jax’s infidelity with her younger sister. Sienna has been betrayed by those closest to her, so she decides to exact her vengeance by fighting Jax. Kayden Williams, the underdog, provides the ideal opening (Ross Butler). Kayden is an excellent fighter despite his mood swings, resentment, and lack of discipline.

You can view coverage of previous seasons of the television show that we have provided.

Eventually, Kayden and Sienna realize they must collaborate to defeat Jax in the ring and achieve their goals. But, things get increasingly difficult for Sienna and Kayden on their way to becoming champions when they spend more time together outside the ring.

A rare combination of mixed-martial-arts action and emotional drama, the film was a pleasant surprise. “This movie has a nice and profound emotional component,” remarked Ross Butler. “Normally, fighting movies are all about the battles and practicing for them, and they are fantastic.”

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