A Walkthrough To Completing The Destiny 2 Root Of Nightmares Raid

How do you finish the Root of Nightmares raid in Destiny 2? As part of the Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion, the Root of Nightmares raid was added. It is an exciting showdown of skill, wits, and bravery in which players fight a powerful enemy from a long time ago.

A battle with Nezarec, a Disciple of the Witness, is the focus of Bungie’s newest Destiny 2 raid, part of the game’s season 20 content. If you want to learn step by step how to ace each stage of Desting 2 Root of Nightmares raid, here is a complete walkthrough or guide.


Walkthrough To Destiny 2’s Root Of Nightmares

Bungie’s World’s First Raid Race saw a team called Hard in the Paint complete the raid in under 2.5 hours, but just because they did so doesn’t mean it’s easy, as the race attracted some of the highest-quality players in the Destiny 2 ecosystem. Most players will have a hard time finishing the raid while it is on Contest Mode.

Follow this guide for a detailed explanation of each stage.


This is the beginning of the raid. At the entrance, move forward until you reach a dead end, and then take the left path to go around the ship’s exterior. Over the next bend, you’ll face more enemies and catch sight of a massive statue in the distance. Make this your roadmap. Next, take the tunnels to the right and continue along the curved path until you reach the first encounter.

Walkthrough To Destiny 2's Root Of Nightmares
Walkthrough To Destiny 2’s Root Of Nightmares


After this moment, you’ll get the message Survive the Onslaught. The objective of this stage is to have two players simultaneously fire at an orb shaped like The Traveler in order to gain the Field of Light bonus. Passing the orb through the arena’s nodes, which take the form of spirals, is essential for completing the level.

When this encounter begins, a timer will begin counting down to a debuff called Sweeping Terror, which will completely wipe the team if the steps aren’t taken in time. Now, anyone who isn’t in charge of firing the orbs must use melee attacks to kill two psions, which will unleash a Tormeter. Killing the Tormeter swiftly will buy the team some much-needed time before the Sweeping Terror debuff completely wipes them out. It will also produce the subsequent node. They will switch spawn locations periodically, so keep that in mind.

The two players responsible for shooting the original orb must now work together to chain the orb bonuses while their teammates eliminate adds. The Guardian with the Field of Light bonus will consume the orb at the node as the other Guardian shoots the orb. The next destination can be seen lighted by a beam of light from the Traveler orb.

One of the Guardians must go to the orb and blast it, and then the Traveler ball at the spawn plate will reveal the next objective. Again, the players will need to clear a Tormenter before the node may spawn. This pattern of switching off should be maintained until the arena is empty. Players may usually anticipate to clear around four Tormenters and link four or five nodes each time.

When this is done, return to the tunnel and continue around until you reach a platform with a black item in front of you. You can see the official tweet Destiny 2 below which states that new raid arrives on March 10.

Track down your enemies and make your way back across the maze-like paths. You’ll eventually reach a new zone where an Aspirant of Nezarec and a swarm of adds await you. The pathways and winding roots will be back up ahead once you pass the section of the tree. After avoiding some more ads, you’ll reach a new platform where you’ll utilise the same platforming mechanism to fire a diamond and catapult yourself across the gap. Upon completing this path, you will come face to face with yet another Aspirant of Nezarec, who must be defeated.

Again, keep climbing until you reach a new tunnel where you’ll be told to “Enter the Root.”

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For this stage, timing is especially important because of the little amount of time allotted for the various tasks. To continue the climb, you’ll need to launch yourself across the gap from the platform.

First, split into two groups of three people each. Two members of each team shall remain on their side of the divide, while the third member of each will take turns crossing the gap and returning to their side. The two remaining players should be responsible for clearing adds. Keep in mind that you will eventually have to face up against bosses like the Barrier Colossus. On top of that, players who don’t have the Field of Light buff will be unable to deal damage to enemies who are protected by a shield.

If you shoot the orb, all of the Guardians in its radius will gain the Field of Light bonus. These, like the previous ones, will indicate nodes that need to be destroyed before the activity may continue. Yet, these nodes can only be used by players that have the Field of Light boost. It’s basically the same as the first meeting, but this time there’s both good and bad to experience.

The runners’ mission is to use a black object as a target to activate a launcher. Yet, they will not survive the crossing unless they position themselves properly against the launcher.

The following is one strategy for dealing with this issue, as discussed on the Destiny 2 Raid Secrets subreddit:

  • A single runner from each team must track the glowing orbs and fire at them in order to win.
  • After receiving the Field of Light bonus, the player returns to their original spawn location.
  • One of the two players on add duty from each side must return to their respective spawn location and shoot the orb to regain their bonus. In the meantime, the other one keeps clearing out ads.
  • Once the runner has renewed the buff, they will continue. They will continue to kill adds while their partner, who has been buffed, returns to the spawn point to regain their buff.

This allows the players to continue switching between the two players on either side to have their buff updated alongside the runner. You might be able to make it to the point where you can continue ascending the root if you time this well and swap consistently. You may also see the official tweet by Destiny 2 below which says that new raid is live for 48 hours.

Then you’ll come to a portal that can only be opened by finding and shooting different spirals. Follow the beams’ instructions for the firing order. Bear in mind that the gateway won’t open unless every member of the fireteam is physically there. As soon as you finish this, you can get back to Cataclysm.


Currently there is no information as to how can we defeat Macrocosm. In the future, if there will be some, we will surely add it up here.


There is no information as to how can we defeat Nezarec. You may expect to hear more about strategies to defeat Nezarec in the future.

Raid Encounters In Destiny 2’s Root Of Nightmares

Prior to the raid’s release, Bungie shared only the following description:

“Ferried from an unknown time and place, a haunting presence has been detected. We must now confront the ancient threat growing at our doorstep.”

Raid Encounters In Destiny 2's Root Of Nightmares
Raid Encounters In Destiny 2’s Root Of Nightmares

There is an introductory section, followed by four major fights, that make up the raid as a whole.

  • Cataclysm
  • Sission
  • Macrocosm
  • Nezarec

When Will The Root Of Nightmares Raid Be Available In Destiny 2?

At its release time on March 7 at 9am PST / noon EST / 5pm GMT, the Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares raid entered Contest Mode. Contest Mode is a special mode that lasts for 48 hours and limits players’ power levels to 20, below those of their enemies and prevents them from using certain high-DPS weapons.

Any players who have cleared the raid by March 21 will be eligible to purchase a unique Root of Nightmares raid jacket.

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