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Shou Chew Net Worth: the Inspirational Story of a Self-made Billionaire

Shou Chew Net Worth

Shou Chew Net Worth

Shou Chew, the creator of one of the most-played mobile games in the world, has a staggeringly sizeable net worth that will make your jaw drop. Shou Chew is a formidable opponent because his wealth is comparable to some of the most well-known companies in the technology sector.

You won’t want to miss the unique path that has led to Shou Chew Net Worth, regardless of whether you’re a gamer, a tech enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates a success story. If you do, you won’t want to miss it.


Shou Chew Net Worth

On January 1, 1983, Shou Zi Chew entered the world. Shou Zi Chew thus reaches the age of 40. As an entrepreneur, Shou Zi Chew has made a name for himself. As a result of his many years spent in managerial roles at several organizations, Shou Zi Chew has amassed a net worth of over $200 million. According to the information provided by

As the head of TikTok, Shou Zi Chew is compensated with a salary of almost $20 million. About 1.6 million dollars a month is what Shou Chew brings in.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Audi A8, Mercedes-Maybach GLS, Land Rover Range Rover, and Lamborghini are some premium vehicles available at Shou Zi Chew.

He owns a priceless phone and is a car fanatic. He and his family of four (wife and two children) reside in a mansion worth several million dollars.

Shou Chew Career

Earlier in his career, Shou Zi Chew worked in the investment banking department of Goldman Sachs. He worked at Goldman Sachs before joining DST Global, a Hong Kong-based venture capital firm. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi was one of Shou Zi Chew’s several high-profile investments at DST Global.

Leaving DST Global in 2015, Shou Zi Chew is now the chief financial officer at Xiaomi. During his time at Xiaomi, the company expanded its operations outside China and saw substantial development. ByteDance, the startup behind the viral video-sharing platform TikTok, named him CEO in 2021.

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According to, Shou Zi Chew is the company’s chief executive officer and is in charge of its overall operations and strategic planning. At ByteDance, where he serves as CFO, he is responsible for the company’s financial management.

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