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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Updates

Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Updates

Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Updates

The highly-anticipated Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake was left with an uncertain fate in 2022, and 2023 is likely to be more of the same. Yet, things weren’t always this way. Although a rendered cinematic of Revan was shown at the game’s initial announcement during a PlayStation Showcase, it ignited the fanbase.

To witness the long-rumored KOTOR remake finally come to fruition was like a dream come true for the series’ many devoted followers. Then there was a lull in the action. Many people considered this to mean that Aspyr worked hard on the KOTOR Remake, but there were few further announcements for several months.

It was reported that the KOTOR remake has been in the works for three years, with a target release date of 2022 set internally. Yet, a few months after the Black Series line of Star Wars figurines announced new toys based on KOTOR Remake’s Darth Malak and Bastila Shan, they stated that they were still years from release, so this may be true.

Nevertheless, in the summer of 2022, it was announced that Aspyr had indefinitely halted work on the KOTOR Remake. Not much else was said publicly, but supporters aren’t holding their breath for anything this year because of the lack of information.


Updates on KOTOR Remake in 2022-2023

According to Bloomberg’s story on the KOTOR Remake development pause, Aspyr had been working on a vertical slice demo to show Lucasfilm and Sony, and the developers were allegedly pleased with it. On the other hand, the studio heads did not agree with the dismissal of the art director and design director.

Embracer Group acknowledged the news that Saber Interactive would be taking over the development of the KOTOR Remake. Still, it declined to comment on which studios would be involved or which game would be developed. Although many have speculated that this means the KOTOR Remake is being reworked within the company, as of this writing, there has been no official confirmation of this.

To the general public’s knowledge, the status of the KOTOR Remake has remained unchanged from mid- to late-2022. There has been no word on whether or not Saber Interactive is starting over with Aspyr’s assets. On the bright side, Saber Interactive has been working with Aspyr on the game before, so things might not be starting completely over.

Given how secretive the project has been, it’s difficult to say. Fans have been kept in the dark about the status of the KOTOR Remake, whatever that status may be, and that is not going to change.

‘development hell’ isn’t a phrase anyone likes to hear concerning the KOTOR Remake, but that’s exactly what it may be. These games have been through numerous studio iterations as their development has stalled for various reasons. The good news is that this is not always the case, and neither does it guarantee that the game will be poor if it enters development hell.

That’s a normal worry, but everything is still fine. Aspyr purportedly and internally circulated a more realistic timetable for 2025. Thus, fans won’t be getting the KOTOR Remake any time soon.

KOTOR Remake’s Redemption Story in 2023

Because it appears Saber Interactive is now working on the KOTOR Remake, there is reason to believe that they have successfully run the project. Notwithstanding the gloomy predictions, we must recognize that we know nothing about the project’s present development status. It’s natural to be gloomy in this kind of situation.

Still, a lot will depend on how much of the KOTOR Remake project was feasible before the ownership changed hands, how much has been modified afterward, and how much has been discarded. If taken as a whole, it could be a while before seeing any results at all.

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Hopefully, even if it takes longer than expected, KOTOR’s development will continue to improve this year and get back on track. A teaser and maybe even confirmation regarding the present development status is the most fans can reasonably hope for this year. Still, if that is the case, Saber Interactive can confirm its work on KOTOR Remake or even release a genuine teaser.

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