Tyler Baltierra Boyfriend: Brother’s Lies Exposed by Catelynn Lowell!

Catelynn Lowell finds out the truth about Tyler Baltierra’s boyfriend, exposing a web of lies made by his own brother. This is a shocking find. The unexpected turn of events makes waves in their lives, and everyone is left thinking about how this lie will affect their relationships.If you want to know who Tyler Baltierra’s boyfriend really is, you can find out all the details here.


The Story Behind Tyler Baltierra’s Boyfriend

Catelynn Lowell of TEEN Mom has addressed her brother’s baseless accusations that her husband had an affair with a man in Arizona. Catelynn, 31, called her brother Nick Lowell, 31, “insane and sad” for making accusations of domestic violence against her husband, Tyler Baltierra.

The Teen Mom OG star was furious and wrote in the Instagram story: “If you believe anything my ‘brother’ said on his Live, then you are just as crazy as him.” She continued: “This poor kid is so brainwashed. It’s insane and sad.”

“Hopefully, one day, when he’s older, he will realize. And how he pretends he’s so nice to me, he’s not!”.


The MTV personality continued her tirade at Nick, saying he “steals from me, then treats me like s**t after me paying for a lie detector test.” “Like I’m so over it all, but again I’m the toxic one? Wanna talk about receipts?! I’ve got more!” A conclusion drawn by Catelynn: “All he had is some made-up s**t in his head.”

Nick recently said on Instagram Live that “[Tyler]’s got a boyfriend.” He claimed, “This is a true story, too. I love John to de@th, but you know it’s bad when Tyler goes to Arizona a lot.”

Tyler Baltierra Boyfriend

“And Catelynn was worried about him going to Arizona. So she had to buy a trip to go there to make sure Tyler wouldn’t cheat on her with Sik World [rapper Jacob Lee White]. Just sayin’!”

Before Nick’s encounter with Carly, 14, Nick had criticized his older sister and her family. Catelynn made a scene by saying her mother, 50-year-old April Brockmiller, was drinking beer during the family reunion. The MTV parent felt uncomfortable being in her presence after she opened up “about my boundaries,” especially “when she is drinking.”

Nick stated, “You do know that we called Mom to make sure we wouldn’t interrupt your time right?” in one of the hacked text messages. along with a smiling emoticon.

Furthermore, he stated, “We called Mom to make sure that we wouldn’t see y’all.” Nick cut off further discussion by saying, “You’re toxic.” Lots much laughter. The poison is in you.

The truth about Tyler Baltierra’s boyfriend has emerged despite all the controversy, and it’s obvious that the rumors were false.

In 2019, Tyler Baltierra wrote an inspiring Instagram post with the hashtag #LoveAlwaysWins.


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A post shared by Tyler Baltierra (@tylerbaltierramtv)

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Tyler and Catelynn Reunited

As seen on the MTV show 16 & Pregnant, Tyler and Catelynn gave up their newborn daughter for adoption when they were still in high school. They also have a two-year-old daughter named Rya and two-year-old twins named Novalee and Vaeda.

Catelynn uploaded an Instagram snapshot of her daughter Carly to the 25th of June, at the family get-together. The happy couple, with their backs to the camera, strolled through a green field side by side.


Carly held Rya, the youngest of her siblings. She was also joined by her sister Nova, with whom she held hands. Carly, Novalee, and Vaeda were all holding hands as they walked alongside her in a touching video.

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