Unrecord Gameplay Trailer: Unrecorded Police Bodycam Shooter Shocked Viewers

In the latest gameplay video for Unrecord, the new police bodycam sh00ter that has shocked and stunned viewers, you can get ready to see the raw and unedited truth of policing. With its disturbing reality and a new way of looking at things, Unrecord shows you a side of law enforcement you’ve never seen before.

Prepare to see for yourself, through the lens of an unseen bodycam, how police officers deal with dangerous situations and make split-second choices daily. Check out the Unrecord video trailer now so you don’t miss out on the game everyone talks about.

Unrecord Gameplay Trailer Revealed

This week, an indie company made waves with a gameplay video from its first-person sh00ter Unrecord, in which players assume the role of a police detective. The presentation is what sets Unrecord distinct from other first-person sh00ters.

Alexandre Spindler’s Post on Twitter revealed The first “UNRECORD” gameplay trailer has arrived:

The player’s perspective is slightly distorted because they watch the event through a police body camera. Photorealistic visuals driven by Unreal Engine 5 make Unrecord unsettlingly realistic, yet the game’s presentation goes beyond realistic lighting and convincingly abandoned environments.

The herky-jerky movement and fisheye-lens distortion when the player follows after, and fires at suspects are almost indistinguishable from the real-life bodycam film we’ve been flooded with as police forces reveal comparable material to the public, often for terrible reasons.

Unrecord Gameplay Trailer

Some viewers have even questioned whether or not the Unrecord film they’ve seen represents gaming. The team behind it, Drama, claims it is in a frequently asked questions document posted on Thursday (20 April). “We do not use any real videos or external rendering,” the team said.

“There have been many doubts raised about the authenticity of the gameplay,” the studio said.

“The game is developed on Unreal Engine 5, and the game footage is captured from an executable and played using a keyboard and mouse. It is not a VR game. Comparing the graphics of Unrecord to reality seems rather flattering, but fortunately, we know that a game first focuses on gameplay and universe on which we primarily concentrate.”

“Considering the high production costs of a video game and our global reputation at stake, if Unrecord were a scam, it would be a blockbuster scam.”

People’s initial reactions to Unrecord ranged from skepticism (“I refuse to believe this is gameplay.”) to awe and amazement (“Holy shit, to say the least”) to worry (“very cool, but deeply uncomfortable setting and vibe”). Trainwrecks, a popular and divisive YouTuber, responded to Unrecord programmer and co-director Alexandre Spindler by saying, “This level of realism for shooting & killing makes me feel uncomfortable as if I’m watching a real leak from a military or police operation.”

Despite Unrecord’s realistic depiction of all-too-familiar police violence, the game has also had its fair share of joke comments, such as “big fan of games that tackle insane and out-there concepts like ‘what if cops don’t turn their body cam off.'”

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The developer, Drama, has reacted to criticisms that the game is too realistic in depicting police shootings by claiming it is politically neutral. The programmer included this FAQ:

As a French studio addressing a global audience, the game does not engage in any foreign policy and is not inspired by any real-life events. The game will obviously avoid any undesirable topics such as discrimination, racism, violence against women and minorities. The game will have no biased or Manichaean take on criminal acts and police violence. We also respect and understand people who may feel disturbed by the game’s images. Art cannot fight against interpretation.

Justifying the undisclosed content of the game would be a spoiler, and you will discover the direction of the themes for yourself. The public generally trusts film, series, and novel writers on the intelligence of the point of view regarding detective, gangster, or police stories. Why not for a video game? If the game presents political messages, they will be made consciously or in your interpretation. We will assume the label if the game aims to be subversive in certain countries.

No matter how things pan out with Unrecord, it seems certain to spark debate. The release date is now listed as “to be announced” on Steam, but once people get their hands on the game, the discussion will surely heat up.

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