What Happened to Captain Lee? His Mysterious Disappearance

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What Happened to Captain Lee?

On the February 27 episode of Below Deck, Captain Lee Rosbach returned to St. David. Here’s the inside scoop on Captain Sandy Yawn’s farewell and heartbreaking homecoming. Lee Rosbach, the Captain, has returned to active duty.

The 73-year-old Below Deck star returned to the show on the February 27 episode to replace interim Captain Sandy Yawn, more than two months after he went to seek medical assistance in the United States for a condition that made walking difficult. He recently shared an update on his health.

In the episode’s final moments, Sandy tells the rest of the crew, “I have become fond of all of you,” signaling her “bittersweet” departure from St. David upon Lee’s return. Sandy, who has been captaining the superyacht in Lee’s absence this season, expressed “emotional” feelings after receiving thanks for her efforts.

“When you go through this together, and you come out on top, it creates this incredible bond,” she told the staff. “You’re special, don’t forget that.” Sandy reflected in a confessional on the highs and lows of their tenth season together, which included the shocking dismissals of Stews Camille Lamb and Alissa Humber.

“I am just very appreciative for their hard work, their dedication,” she said of the remaining staff. “This is the same as if we were fighting side by side. That they made it this far is incredible. They are going to be missed by me.”

What Happened to Captain Lee

With one arm propped up by a crutch, Lee re-boarded St. David in St. Lucia and confessed: “Hell yes, I’m happy to be home again. At last, I feel like I’ve come home.” Further, he informed Sandy that he was “doing fantastic” now that the irritation in his sciatic nerve had been treated.

“I’ve made a lot of improvement,” he said in his confessional. “I had to go to physical therapy daily, which was exhausting. The doctors have told me that working won’t make my condition worse, so I refuse to let anything stop me from going to work.”

Lee said he was sure Sandy did the right thing when she fired Alissa for insubordination on the prior charter after she explained her reasoning. “If they need to go, they need to go,” he said. “She’s the one that had to deal with it, and I’m sure she made the best decision for the boat and the crew.”

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Lee expressed his appreciation to Sandy after she had said her goodbyes to the rest of the group. To show his gratitude, he wrote a confessional, saying, “I can say how much I appreciate that, and maybe someday I’ll get to repay the favor for her.”

As Captain Lee had settled back aboard, he issued a typically amusing order to the crew: “Now get your asses back to work.” Monday nights at 8 o’clock, tune in to Bravo to catch Below Deck.

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