WhatsApp rolls out message reactions for Android Users on Beta, 6 emojis preferences to be given






WhatsApp is about to release message reactions feature for Android users on beta. Currently, the new feature offers six emoji reactions. As per the report, the ability to react to messages is limited to selected users but everyone should be able to see the emoji reactions. Emoji reactions have been available on other Meta-owned platforms like Instagram and Messenger fir quite some time. They have also been available to users on Discord, Slack, and Telegram. WhatsApp has not yet officially confirmed when all users will get the emoji reactions feature.


Reportedly, WhatsApp is now rolling out emoji reactions feature to Android users on beta. The WhatsApp features tracker has mentioned that the new feature is available to users on WhatsApp Beta for Android It is available only for select beta testers but everyone should be able to view the reactions on messages.


Users are expected to get six emoji reactions — Like, Love, Laugh, Surprised, Sad, and Thanks. There is no information if users will be able to customise or change emojis in message reactions.

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