Who is Bex in Ted Lasso? Ted Lasso’s Most Mysterious Character

Bex, the newest member of the cast, has quickly become a fan favorite. In case you’ve never heard of him before… Bex is the woman who eventually becomes Rupert Mannion’s wife. Mannion used to own AFC Richmond before buying West Ham United F.C.

Rebecca is her real name, but Rupert and the press call her “Bex.” She has quickly become an integral part of Ted Lasso’s growing group of friends and family, and she has also been a source of solace for Rupert during a difficult time in his life.

Starring as Bex in the Apple TV+ comedy Ted Lasso, Keeley Hazell is quickly becoming a household name. She infuses Bex with so much energy that the audience can’t help but see themselves in her. Her infectious enthusiasm and unique ability to bring out the best in people around her make her a welcome addition to any setting.

From the minute she was introduced in Season 1, viewers quickly warmed to her amiable personality and her determination to support Rupert no matter how difficult things got for him.

Bex also serves as a powerful illustration of the fact that, despite mistakes or failed relationships in the past, everyone deserves to be loved and accompanied. She proves that anyone, no matter how hopeless they may feel, can find joy in life.

In general, Keeley Hazell does a fantastic job in her role as Bex on Ted Lasso. Her portrayal of Bex is both endearing and inspiring.


Bex’s Role in Ted Lasso: A Look at How Important the Character Is

The Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso centers on Bex. Former AFC Richmond owner and current West Ham United F.C. owner Rupert Mannion was previously besotted with her. Bex is there for Rupert every step of the way as he navigates the complex world of football club ownership.

Rupert also receives invaluable advice from her in the realm of business, notably with regard to his connection with Ted Lasso. She is regularly seen encouraging and guiding Rupert and the other characters on the show.

Who is Bex in Ted Lasso

Ultimately, Bex demonstrates how people from different walks of life can put aside their differences to form strong bonds with one another.

The mysterious Bex character in “Ted Lasso” is revealed

Bex is the name of a character in the Ted Lasso comics. She is the main character’s enemy over and over again, and Keeley Hazell plays her. Bex owns AFC Richmond, the team that Ted Lasso has been hired to lead as its new head coach.

She is a hardworking and persistent businessman who puts the success of her team above everything else, even her own relationships. Bex and Ted often argue because they have different ways of running a business.

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Still, when they find out that they both want AFC Richmond to be great, they slowly start to respect each other. Bex finally believes in Ted’s ability to lead, and despite their differences, she gives him control of the team.

In an Instagram post, Keeley Hazell said, “New episode of Ted Lasso is now on @appletv. Meet “Keeley,” oops, I meant “Bex.”


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