Who is Evelyn Lozada Dating? The Scoop on Evelyn Lozada’s Love Interests

From basketball players to rappers, reality TV star Evelyn Lozada has never been short of suitors. Her romantic life has become an obsession for her devoted followers, and everyone is dying to discover the identity of the lucky gentleman who has won her heart. So, Who is Evelyn Lozada Dating now?

We have the answer to the burning question on everyone’s mind, and we will provide it to you from the source itself. Join us as we go into the dating scene of this challenging and fabulous woman and share the latest on her romantic ambitions.

Who is Evelyn Lozada Dating?

The 47-year-old “Basketball Wives” star has reportedly engaged to Lavon Lewis, a man she met on Peacock’s Queens Court, As per the reports of eonline.com. On Lozada’s December birthday, at a small gathering of family and friends in Los Angeles, 42-year-old Lewis popped the question.

“The problem with Evelyn is that she is tough to surprise,” the co-founder of a marketing firm tells PEOPLE. “I instructed her to prepare her baggage because we were going somewhere. She was blindfolded until she reached the entranceway. She stepped into perhaps twenty close friends and family members, and large marry me’ messages, roses, and such items.”

A hand-made birthday cake adorned with butterflies and the words Happy Birthday and “She answered ‘Yes‘” was also included in the proposal. As it turns out, only Lozada’s manager and two of Lewis’s friends knew about his impending proposal.

Who is Evelyn Lozada Dating

“I didn’t know he would propose that day,” Lozada explains. It was all a big mystery to me. He was very dishonest, and I must admit I resented it. After all, I am a very assertive woman who is puzzled as to why she is the one who has to do the packing.

Some famous people have gone on dates this year, and here’s what we know about them:

I don’t understand why I have to comply. It was hard for me to step back and let him do his thing. Despite her curiosity, Lozada was utterly smitten by the Twila True ring Lewis chose. According to Lozada,

“It was the ideal size and shape.” “I’ve never had that stone before, so he performed an outstanding job. I am not, nevertheless, surprised. Lavon’s thinking is inventive, and he never forgets anything.”

So far, this is all our information regarding Evelyn Lozada’s romantic involvements. If that sounds like something that interests you, stay tuned with our site, talkxbox.com, then be sure to check back here for updates.

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