Who is Kate Abdo Dating? New Details About Her Relationship Revealed

Born in Manchester, England, on September 8, 1981, Kate Abdo is a well-regarded sports commentator in her native country. She is well-known for her work as a host on CBS Sports, especially for the way they cover the Champions League.

She has travelled abroad for work, staying in the UK, Spain, France, Germany, and the United States, among other places. Kate Abdo is a well-known figure in the sports broadcasting industry thanks to her remarkable career.

She has covered a wide range of sporting events and interacted with a diverse range of audiences thanks to her adaptability and wealth of expertise. Thanks to her expertise, extensive knowledge of sports, and captivating on-screen persona, Abdo has gained a massive fan base among sports fans.

Her professional history demonstrates both her dedication to providing excellent sports coverage and her flexibility in adjusting to various sports cultures around the globe. In a lighthearted way, Kate Abdo surprised her co-hosts, including Thierry Henry, by announcing her engagement live.

She is already married to Ramtin, though, and the announcement was made in jest. It emphasized the team spirit of CBS Sports.


Who is Kate Abdo Dating?

Who is Kate Abdo Dating?
Who is Kate Abdo Dating?

During a broadcast of the Champions League, host Kate Abdo of CBS Sports created a humorous and surprising scene. The joke about her engagement caught her co-hosts, including Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, off guard.

Another co-host, Jamie Carragher, said, “Are you getting engaged?” Abdo laughed and said that she was, but her partner wasn’t aware of it yet. When the camera rapidly turned to Thierry Henry, some viewers thought he appeared truly surprised by the news.

Kate Abdo announced her engagement in jest, but in actuality, she is already wed to Ramtin. The humorous event strengthened the bond and friendship that viewers value among the CBS Sports team, who are well-known for their humorous and entertaining moments throughout broadcasts.

The increased media emphasis on celebrities’ romantic lives has piqued public interest in those subjects. Continue reading to learn more about them:

Kate Abdo​ Early Life

Kate Abdo’s early years bear witness to her resolve and broad outlook. She was born in Manchester and dedicated her life to her studies. Her academic career began when she attended Manchester’s Christ the King School and Withington Girls’ School.

Kate moved to Spain at the age of seventeen, taking a risk. It was here that she not only became fluent in Spanish but also obtained her high school diploma. Her sense of adventure took her to France and Germany, where she spent some time living and experiencing different cultures.

In terms of education, she enrolled at the University of Málaga in 2003 to pursue a degree in “Translation and Interpreting.” She demonstrated her dedication to education by getting a first-class B.A. (Hons) in European Languages from the University of Salford. See her Instagram post below:


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Kate’s fluency in three languages—Spanish, French, and German—reflects her exposure to a variety of cultures. Her job as a sports broadcaster has been successful because of her early exposure to a variety of languages and cultures.

Kate Abdo Age

Kate Abdo will be 42 years old in 2023. On September 8, 1981, she was born in Manchester, England. Her birthday puts her in her early forties, and she has made a name for herself in the sports broadcasting industry during her career.

Kate Abdo has become well-known for her work as a sports anchor, engaging with a wide range of audiences and anchoring a variety of sporting events, thanks to her linguistic skills and wealth of experience.

Her age, professionalism, and extensive sports knowledge have all helped her succeed in a very competitive area. Kate Abdo’s age belies the depth of knowledge she contributes to her work as a sports broadcaster, and she remains a reputable and well-known personality in the sports journalistic community.

Kate Abdo Career

With a wealth of foreign experiences and many responsibilities, Kate Abdo’s career in sports broadcasting has been an incredible trip. Her first job was as an intern in the foreign language department of Deutsche Welle in 2005.

She then presented sports news for Deutsche Welle until 2009 and worked as a production assistant for “Goal! The Bundesliga Magazine.” Her work led her to CNN, where she hosted a feature show and served as the program anchor for “World Sports.”

Her abilities did not end there. She went on to become the face of Sky Sports News HD in Germany, contributing significantly to the establishment and content creation of the network. Later, she relocated to the UK, where she worked as a host for Sky Sports, covering everything from Transfer Deadline day to Pay Per View boxing.

After showcasing her flexibility as the anchor of Fox Sports’ coverage of the Women’s World Cup in 2015, Abdo moved to the United States to broadcast a variety of sports, including the Champions League.

Notably, she has hosted the Laureus World Sports Awards and the FIFA Ballon d’Or on several occasions. After a break, Abdo joined Fox Sports again and is now well-known for hosting FIFA World Cup programs.

She went back to the UK in 2020 to host the UEFA Champions League and Europa League only for CBS Sports, continuing to contribute to DAZN’s boxing programming in the United States. Kate Abdo’s career demonstrates her versatility and proficiency in sports broadcasting worldwide.

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