Who is the Mu*derer of Renee Pagel? Revealing the Reason Behind Her Dem!se

Renee Pagel, a divorced mother of three from Michigan, was found de@d in her bedroom from more than 50 stab wounds in August 2006. To learn more about her character, check out the post.

Who is the Mu*derer of Renee Pagel?

More than 14 years after Michael Pagel fatally stabbed his ex-wife Renee Pagel, in October 2020, he will begin serving a term of 25 to 50 years in prison, as per the news sources. In 2006, Renee Pagel of Courtland Township, Michigan, who was already a nurse practitioner, taught as a health educator at a school.

She was the divorced mother of three little children: a daughter of three and twin boys of seven. In the middle of 2006, she donated a kidney to the student’s father. Five days after surgery, her body was found with a stab wound.

On August 5 of that year, Renee’s father and stepmother made a distressing 911 call to the local police. The mother was found comatose in her bedroom, with bl00d all over her: on her face, her body, the walls, the ceiling, and the bed.

Who is the Muderer of Renee Pagel

Renee was fatally wounded with more than fifty stab wounds. She had a slash across her palm and several additional wounds, suggesting that she had tried to defend herself although bedridden throughout the encounter.

The police investigating the crime were informed about Renee’s recent split from Michael Pagel. The victim’s father stated that he had last seen his son the day before when he picked up the kids and drove them to Michael’s house, which was located roughly 15 minutes away from the crime scene.

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He claimed they had a phone conversation later that night. The victim’s father informed the police about the nasty divorce between Renee Pagel and Michael, who he said sought full custody of the children, the house, and alimony from the victim.

A judge agreed with Renee seven weeks before the murder and ordered Michael to pay alimony to her.

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