Windows 12 Release Date: the Ultimate Guide to the Next Windows Update

Even though Windows 11 was introduced in October 2021, a lot of Windows customers are already interested in what the upcoming operating system would provide. Will Windows 12 be released? When will it be accessible? What features of Windows 12 will be new or altered? Based on the most recent Microsoft and other source leaks, rumors, and clues, we will attempt to address these and other questions in this post.


Will There Be a Windows 12?

Many Windows users ask whether Windows 12 will ever be released at all. This is usually their first concern. Although Windows 12 has not yet been formally announced by Microsoft, there have been some reliable indications that a new version of the OS may be on the horizon.

As an illustration, Microsoft may be getting ready for a new version because they have registered a domain name for Windows 12. Furthermore, a new version of Windows intended for foldable and dual-screen devices is referred to by Microsoft as “Windows 10X.”

The implication here could be that Microsoft is developing a modular system architecture that would allow Windows to operate on many devices with various hardware setups. Consequently, Windows 12—a more versatile and adaptive version of Windows than Windows 11—may be released by Microsoft.

Windows 12 will be launched with a raft of AI PCs in June 2024:

When Will Windows 12 Be Available?

After that, many Windows users wanted to know when Windows 12 would be released. Windows Central reports that Microsoft has set a target release date of 2024 for Windows 12, continuing a three-year cycle for major Windows versions. This is according to Microsoft’s sources, who also said that the codename of Windows 12 is “Next Valley.” Given that Windows 11’s codename was “Sun Valley,” this makes perfect sense.

The chief financial officer of Intel also appears to be in favor of a 2024 release date; he has intimated that next year’s new Windows version will cause PC sales to spike. This might be a hint at Windows 12, or it could be an upgrade to Windows 11 with some small tweaks.

The release date of Windows 12 remains uncertain, though, since Microsoft has failed to confirm or refute any of these rumors. Microsoft may decide to scrap Windows 12 and rebrand the following version with a different name, postpone its release, or alter its original plans. After all, Microsoft skipped Windows 9 in favor of Windows 8 and 10.

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What Will Be New and Different in Windows 12?

Finally, many Windows users wonder what Windows 12 will bring in the way of new features and improvements. The potential inclusion of AI across Windows 12 is one of the operating system’s most intriguing features.

Windows Central reports that Microsoft is developing a new AI mode to personalize Windows device optimization for speed, battery life, and security according to each user’s choices and actions. New features like smart suggestions, face recognition, and voice and gesture control could be made possible by this.

During its October 2022 Ignite conference, Microsoft inadvertently disclosed the fact that Windows 12 might have a revamped desktop experience. A Windows desktop with a floating taskbar, a top-mounted search bar, and system icons moved to the top-right corner was shown in the leaked image.

In the upper left corner, there was a weather button, and in the middle, there was a Microsoft Teams window. But this might not be Windows 12’s final design; it could just be an idea or prototype. As for the third potential feature of Windows 12, it’s a revamped app store called Microsoft Store.

This store will be more welcoming to developers and users alike, and it will support all app formats, including web apps, Universal Windows Platform apps, and Win32 apps.

Windows could become more user-friendly, adaptable, and feature-rich as a result. These features may be fake or inaccurate, nevertheless, since Microsoft has not confirmed or verified them. So, don’t take them at face value; they are only suggestions.


The next version of Windows, Windows 12, is expected to be delivered in 2024, according to rumors. Some potential updates include an updated desktop interface, modular system design, and the incorporation of artificial intelligence. Browser, file system, and app store customizations are also possible.

Everything we know about Windows 12 comes from leaks, speculations, and indications; nonetheless, Microsoft has not formally announced it. Consequently, we will have to hold off on making any further assumptions regarding Windows 12 until Microsoft makes a public announcement.

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