Wrong-way Driver Charged in F@tal Cr@sh on I-280: Campbell Woman Faces Serious Consequences

A terrible acc!dent on I-280 has left a town in grief and a Campbell woman facing serious charges. In Woodside, there was a terrible wrong-way cr@sh that k!lled harmless people. The driver is being held responsible for what happened. As the investigation goes on, the acc!dent details show how dangerous driving can be and how important it is to be careful behind the wheel.

Wrong-way Driver Charged in F@tal Cr@sh on I-280

As per cbcnews.com reports, After a wrong-way incident last weekend on Interstate Highway 280 in Woodside claimed the lives of a mother and her son, the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office announced on Friday (28 April 2023) that a 24-year-old Campbell woman had been charged with vehicular manslaughter and other offenses.

The accident last Saturday (22 April 2023) afternoon on southbound Highway 280 at Woodside Road is suspected of having been caused by Constellation Martin. The county coroner’s office has determined that the dece@sed was 54-year-old Eden Palmer, a resident of San Francisco.

According to the prosecution, Martin was traveling north in the highway’s southbound lanes when she struck head-on with a BMW driven by Palmer and her 16-year-old son. After the cr@sh, Martin allegedly fled away, and officials later located her n*de lying in a grassy area some 150 yards away.

Wrong-way Driver Charged in Fatal Crash on I-280

She was brought into pris0n after making incoherent yells, with bloodsh0t and watery eyes, and speaking rapidly. The District Attorney’s Office has not yet received the results of a subsequent blood sample.

On Thursday (27 April 2023), Martin made her first court appearance but did not enter a plea. Prosecutors say she remained in detention on no-bail status after the case was prolonged until May 11. The lawyer representing her was unavailable for mention.

After the tragic accident, Palmer’s friends and family set up a GoFundMe page to help with expenses. As of Friday (28 April), they had collected almost $86,000. According to the news report, Palmer took her teenage son to a soccer game when she cr@shed their car.

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“Eden was a beloved wife, mother, friend, community volunteer, and force for anyone who ever needed anything. It’s time for us to honor Eden and rally around her family, as they need our support,” the account says.

Her 16-year-old son “suffered massive internal injuries, and while making a miraculous recovery, he will have a lifetime of care needs,” the GoFundMe account says. Four individuals were k!lled over the weekend in four separate wrong-way incidents on Bay Area freeways, police said.

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