XDefiant’s Multiplayer Overhaul: A Game-Changing Experience

Existing first-person sh00ter games provide the same multiplayer experience over and over again. The newest contender in the genre, XDefiant, is poised to revolutionize the way we play. In this article, we’ll examine how XDefiant intends to enhance Call of Duty’s multiplayer by providing a novel and exciting gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Prepare to explore the exciting features and gameplay mechanics that make XDefiant the best option for online multiplayer gamers seeking the next level of action.

XDefiant Levels Up Multiplayer with a Next-Generation Gaming Experience

Below you’ll find a few paragraphs that distill the video script and give you a good idea of how the closed beta handles and what you can expect to see in it for those of you who hate video (at least play it on silent while you read and keep me in a job, you monsters!).

Let’s start with the fundamentals. Xdefiant is an all-out PvP 6v6 first-person sh00ter with five different Factions to choose from, all of which have been stolen from elsewhere in the Ubisoft canon. At the debut, XDefiant will be completely free to play, cross-platform (albeit console players will not be matched with M&KB players unless in a cross-platform party with friends), and feature a new season every three months.

Each season will introduce new playable characters, factions, areas, weaponry, events, skins, and a battle pass. Holy cow, it appears to be a lot of effort…

Regarding pace and general feel, XDefiant is very similar to Call of Duty, and I’ll get into the specific distinctions in a little. After all, the studio behind it was founded by former COD employees like Mark Rubin (formerly of Infinity Ward’s executive team).

Even though I had never played the game before the early hands-on, I immediately felt at home with the movement and shooting mechanics, as I had done in Call of Duty multiplayer many times. It didn’t take me long to get into the swing of things and learn how each Faction’s skills worked.

How, beyond merely recreating the atmosphere of a Call of Duty multiplayer match, does XDefiant hope to better the genre? First off, adversaries are marked with red dots on the XDefiant minimap. Fans of earlier Call of Duty games will be as pleased as pigs in excrement to learn that red dots now appear whenever an enemy shoots a weapon.

XDefiant's Multiplayer Overhaul

Another change that has enraged Call of Duty players is implementing Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM) in casual matches. At the same time, an Insider Sessions Q&A for XDefiant suggests that this will only apply to Ranked matchmaking. Casual matchmaking will prioritize low latency connections above skill.

Still, teams will be balanced using secret matchmaking rankings after the lobby is created to ensure all participants have a fair shot at victory. While I understand that not everyone will agree with this choice, I think it strikes a good balance for Ubisoft.

In addition, the preview experience of XDefiant’s lobbies remaining intact after each match was validated in the accompanying Q&A. But if you choose, you can make your multi-mode, individualized playlist. Doing so will result in a rematchmaking process following each game, giving players the best of both worlds.

Mark Rubin revealed in a tweet in February that map voting is the last major ‘demand’ from Call of Duty fans. I didn’t notice this during my hands-on, but then again, I just played the “Welcome Playlist,” which is meant for new players, so perhaps this will be added in a future update.

Above, I made a snide remark about how XDefiant’s debut will include 14 Maps. You can choose between two layouts in most games inspired by Ubisoft titles, like Splinter Cell, The Division, and Far Cry 6. The maps in Domination, Occupy, and Hot Shot have the traditional three-lane structure of arena shooters, whereas in Escort and Zone Control, the layout is more linear.

As I indicated, the Factions in XDefiant are inspired by characters from earlier Ubisoft games, which sets it apart from Call of Duty. Five Factions will be available at launch, each with active skills, passive bonuses, and ultras.

Please see the updated URLs listed below for further details.

However, the Dedsec faction from Watch Dogs 2 will be unlocked after a certain amount of gameplay. The video at the top of the page details the characteristics of each Faction so that I won’t repeat them here. In addition to the different skins and customization items that can be acquired in the test, there will be 24 weapons and 44 attachments available at launch that can be unlocked.

And that wraps up our cursory examination of XDefiant! The closed beta begins on April 13 (today!) and ends on April 23 (not today), and you can sign up to participate here if you’re interested in learning more before committing.

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