YouTube Launches Playables for Premium Subscribers: a New Perk for Premium Subscribers

YouTube, the world’s largest video streaming platform, has introduced a new feature for its Premium subscribers: Playables. This feature allows users to play a variety of games instantly on YouTube without having to install separate apps. Playables are currently in the testing phase and will be fully rolled out by the first half of 2024.


What Are Playables and How to Access Them?

Playables are interactive mini-games and experiences that users can enjoy right within the YouTube app or desktop website. The games range from puzzle games like Brain Out and Daily Crossword to action-packed games like Scooter Extreme and Cannon Balls 3D. Some of the games available for testing are:

  • Angry Birds Showdown
  • Carrom Clash
  • Color Burst 3D
  • Color Pixel Art
  • Crazy Caves
  • Cube Tower
  • Daily Solitaire
  • Scooter Extreme
  • Stack Bounce

Users can access Playables by navigating to the ‘Playables’ shelf on the Home page or under the ‘Explore’ menu on desktop or mobile. The feature will be accessible on web browsers and mobile apps for Android and iOS.

YouTube launches “Playables” for Premium subscribers:

Why Did YouTube Launch Playables?

YouTube Playables is a new perk for YouTube Premium subscribers, who pay a monthly fee to enjoy ad-free videos, offline downloads, background play, and access to YouTube Music and YouTube Originals.

By adding Playables, YouTube aims to increase the value proposition of its Premium service and attract more users to subscribe.

Playables is also a way for YouTube to compete with other streaming platforms that offer gaming services, such as Netflix Games and Facebook Gaming.

YouTube has a huge advantage in this space, as it already hosts millions of gaming videos and live streams, and has a large and engaged gaming community.

Playables could leverage this existing user base and content to create a more immersive and interactive gaming experience on YouTube.

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What Are the Benefits of Playables?

Playables offer several benefits for both users and creators on YouTube. For users, Playables provide a convenient and fun way to play games on the go without downloading them.

Users can also easily share their gameplay with friends or on social media, or watch other users play the same games. Playables could also introduce users to new games and genres that they might not have tried before.

For creators, Playables could open up new opportunities for monetization and engagement. Creators could create their own Playables and earn revenue from them, or collaborate with other creators or game developers to promote their Playables.

Creators could also interact with their fans through Playables, by hosting live streams, challenges, tournaments, or giveaways.

What Are the Challenges and Limitations of Playables?

Playables is still an experimental feature and has some challenges and limitations to overcome. One of the main challenges is the quality and variety of the games. Playables are mostly mobile-first titles that are not very complex or graphically intensive.

They might not appeal to hardcore gamers or users who prefer console or PC games. Playables also need to offer more genres and categories of games to cater to different tastes and preferences.

Another challenge is the performance and compatibility of the games. Playables need to run smoothly and reliably on different devices and browsers, without compromising the quality or speed of the video streaming.

Playables also need to ensure the security and privacy of the users’ data and accounts, especially if they involve in-app purchases or social features.

Finally, Playables need to balance the gaming and video aspects of YouTube. Playables should not distract or interfere with the core functionality of YouTube, which is to watch and discover videos.

Playables should also not alienate or annoy the users who are not interested in gaming, or the creators who do not produce gaming content. Playables should be an optional and complementary feature that enhances the overall YouTube experience.

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