YouTube Like and Subscribe Button Changes: A Guide for Viewers and Creators

YouTube is constantly updating its platform to improve the user experience and keep up with the competition. Recently, the video streaming giant announced some new features that will affect how viewers interact with the like and subscribe buttons. Here are some of the changes and what they mean for you.


What Are the New Animations for the Like and Subscribe Buttons?

One of the most noticeable changes is that YouTube will add animations to the like and subscribe buttons when a creator says “like” or “subscribe” in a video. The idea is to draw attention to the buttons and encourage viewers to click or tap them.

For example, when a creator says “like this video”, the like button will flash with a thumbs-up icon. When they say “subscribe to my channel”, the subscribe button will show some “playful sparkles” that appear when you click it.

This feature is designed to help creators increase their engagement and grow their audience. However, YouTube has also set some limits to prevent abuse or annoyance.

The animations can only be triggered three times per video, and they won’t appear more than once in a three-minute window. Additionally, viewers can turn off the animations in their settings if they find them distracting or annoying.

How Will the Comments Section Change Under Each Video?

Another change that YouTube is rolling out is the rotation of top comments under each video. Instead of showing the same comments every time, YouTube will automatically refresh the comments section and show different comments from different users.

The goal is to showcase more diverse perspectives and opinions from the community and give more exposure to quality comments that might otherwise get buried. This feature is expected to increase the engagement and interaction among viewers and creators, as well as to foster a more positive and respectful environment.

However, some users might prefer to see the most popular or relevant comments first or to have more control over the comments they see. YouTube has not specified how often the comments will rotate, or whether users can opt out of this feature.

What is the New Stable Volume Feature on Mobile Devices?

A third change that YouTube is introducing is a new “stable volume” feature on mobile devices. This feature is intended to reduce the “jarring differences in volume” between videos, especially when switching from one video to another or from one playlist to another.

The feature will automatically adjust the volume level of each video based on its loudness so that users don’t have to change their volume settings constantly. This feature is likely to improve the user experience and comfort, especially for those who watch videos on headphones or speakers.

However, some users might prefer to have more control over their volume settings or to hear the original sound quality of each video. YouTube has not clarified whether this feature can be turned off or customized by users.

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What Are Some Other Features That YouTube Is Introducing or Has Introduced?

YouTube has also announced some other features that are coming soon or already available on its platform. These include:

  • A new way to search for a song is by playing, singing or humming it, using an AI-powered tool that will match your input with the song title and artist.
  • A new way to speed up a video by pressing and holding on to it, similar to how you can fast-forward on TikTok.
  • A new way to lock your screen on mobile and tablets to prevent accidental taps from taking you out of a video.
  • A new way to merge your library tab and your account page into a new “You” tab that will show your personal recommendations, playlists, watch history and more.
  • A new way to improve your YouTube experience on smart TVs with better navigation, voice control, picture-in-picture mode and more.

These features are all shaped by the feedback from viewers and creators, according to YouTube. They are expected to enhance the functionality, accessibility and personalization of YouTube for different users and devices.


YouTube’s like and subscribe button changes are part of its ongoing efforts to innovate and evolve its platform. They are aimed at increasing the engagement, interaction and satisfaction of both viewers and creators.

However, they also come with some trade-offs and limitations that might affect some users’ preferences and expectations. Whether these changes will be a hit or a miss remains to be seen, but they certainly show that YouTube is not resting on its laurels in the competitive video streaming market.

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