Editorial Policy

The TalkX Box is dedicated to fact-checking in a way that is impartial, transparent, and fair. We strive to uphold strict editorial guidelines and adhere to the following:

  • Nonpartisan approach: TalkX Box is unaffiliated with any political party. We adopt the same standards for all assertions, regardless of who produced them, since we believe it is crucial to verify the accuracy of news from all political perspectives. We don’t hesitate to expose false information.
  • Evidence-based: A person who carefully considers the facts. Therefore, we strive for accuracy while verifying facts, and we consult many sources to ensure that our verifications are supported by solid data. Depending on the type of fact-checking we need to conduct, we either use online resources like reverse image searches or gather information from reputable sources. We also speak with the appropriate person when necessary to confirm a claim is accurate. We never cite unnamed sources.
  • Transparency: TalkX Box provides specifics on how the falsehood of the allegation was established. In order to be truthful and to teach readers how to evaluate statements they may encounter in the future, this is done.
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