How Wealthy Was Abby Choi? Four Relatives Have Been Arrested For Her Murder

According to media in Hong Kong, Choi was the heiress to a prosperous family that ran a construction company with business interests in China. Also, Abby Choi was a fashion icon who favoured high-end labels like Dior, Gucci, Chanel, and Valentino.

Abby Choi, who was a style icon, had a huge net worth after she became famous. Even though she mostly went for a delicate and girly look, she wasn’t afraid to try out different textures and shapes, as seen on her Instagram account, which has over 100K followers from all over the world.


How Much Was The Wealth Of Abby Choi?

Abby Choi was a well-known social media star and model from China. Abby was born on July 11, 1994, in Hong Kong, China, and became famous after being named a “style icon” by L’Officiel Monaco.

The Hong Kong press announced the death of model Abby Choi on February 24th, 2023. Abby was murdered in the Tai Po neighbourhood of Longwei after she went missing for three days. It has been said that her body was cut up and put in a refrigerator.

Police say that they have arrested four people, including her ex-husband Alex Kwong, his father, who used to be a police officer, his brother and his mother. All four are suspected of being involved in the murder. You may also be interested in checking out a similar post on our website Paul Heyman Net Worth.

It has also been speculated that a financial dispute involving $12 million worth of property was the motive of her killing.

Abby Choi’s fortune was reportedly worth around HK$100 million (S$17 million) when she passed away. People say that she made money from his movie roles and deals to promote brands.


How Much Was The Wealth Of Abby Choi
How Much Was The Wealth Of Abby Choi

Abby Choi, A Hong Kong Model, Was Found Murdered, And Her Ex-Husband And Relatives Have Been Arrested

Public broadcaster RTHK reported on Monday that four members of the same family have appeared in court on murder charges related to the brutal assassination of Hong Kong model Abby Choi.

Choi’s ex-husband Alex Kwong, who is 28, his brother Anthony, who is 31, and their father, Kwong Kau, who is 65, are charged with her murder. Jenny Li, Alex Kwong’s mother, has been charged with perverting justice, according to RTHK. You can check the tweet below in which it is claimed that the body of Abby Choi was found Decapitated.

The Kowloon City Magistrates’ Court said on Monday that none of the four were allowed to go free on bail. They haven’t even entered a plea yet.

Some ribs, a skull, and some hair were found in a huge stainless steel soup pot on Sunday, which authorities say belong to Choi. Choi’s hands and torso have also yet to be located. We have also covered the net worth of other celebrities on our website such as Kyle Cook Net Worth.

After Choi, 28, went missing on Wednesday, police started looking for her. Pieces of her body were discovered at a home in the Tai Po neighbourhood two days later, according to the authorities. Police said they also found a meat slicer, an electric saw, and some clothes at the house. You can also see the official tweet below in which police have found a missing head in a soup pot at a house in Tai Po.

Police say they apprehended Choi’s ex-husband on Saturday at a ferry terminal on one of the city’s outer islands. On Friday, police arrested up all the suspects.

On Sunday, police announced the arrest of a 47-year-old woman as a fifth suspect in the investigation.

Choi is a model and social media influencer with over 100,000 Instagram followers; she was recently featured as the digital cover model for L’Officiel Monaco, a high-end fashion magazine, and she was also present at Paris Fashion Week.

Over the weekend, the investigation’s grisly details were all over the news in the city, and thousands of people posted condolences on Choi’s social media accounts.

According to RTHK, the case was postponed until May 8 so that police could conduct additional inquiries.

It is now very evident that we have covered the topic of Abby Choi Net Worth. The sudden death of the socialite will have an adverse affect on her financial status. Local news reports say that Choi may have been killed because of a fight over a luxury property, though this has not been confirmed. If you want to learn more, you can check out

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