Amherst Bus Driver Jackie Miller: TikTok Video Sparks Controversy, but She Stands Firm

A video posted on TikTok that has since gone viral shows a school bus driver in Ohio yelling at noisy pupils. The video has caused controversy and sparked discourse about acceptable behavior for people in positions of power.

The driver remains unmoved in the face of the criticism and insists that she will not retract what she has said. Let’s take a more in-depth look at this narrative, shall we?

Amherst Bus Driver Jackie Miller: Defends Viral Video

An Ohio school bus driver apologizes after a video of her verbally berating students went viral on TikTok. While she did say she “won’t take anything back,” she meant it.

After a video showing her yelling at students on a school bus went viral on TikTok, resulting in millions of views and shares, bus driver Jackie Miller resigned from her post with the Amherst Exempted Village school district on March 30.

“I’m sorry for how this went down. I truly am,” Miller told WKYC on Monday. “I apologize for my actions but won’t take it back.” Miller can be seen walking up to a student at the back of the bus and asking for their perfume, to which the student emphatically replies that they “didn’t do anything” and “didn’t spray anything.”

WTOL 11 has tweeted information on their bus driver Jackie Miller in Amherst.

“Goddamnit, how much more do you expect me to fucking take?” Miller can be heard saying this in the video. “I’m sick of all of this shit. I’m done with it. I’m going to start kicking some fucking serious ass,” she says at another point. “Do you hear me? My foot’s going to be so far up your God damn ass it’s going to dangle out your God damn nose.”

According to WKYC, Miller suffers from asthma and claims that perfumes and other strong smells might bring on an attack. She mentioned she had an episode the previous month, and her children were aware of the problem.

“She sprayed perfume on the bus and I had a horrible asthma attack,” Miller told the outlet. “I had to stop the bus, grab my inhaler and try to get my lungs to open up again. I had all the kids open up all the windows. They know this.”

Amherst Bus Driver Jackie Miller

As the station reported, Miller has dealt with a persistently disruptive group of youngsters on her bus for the better part of two school years. Miller told WKYC, “That particular day was hard, to say the least, because it started the minute this core group of youngsters got on the bus.”

Since Miller’s departure, a GoFundMe page set up to help her has raised nearly $50,000 as of this writing.

“After so many years of being treated horribly by kids and underpaid, this bus driver was done with it and went Red Foreman on them,” the fundraiser’s page reads. “I’m on her side, and if it was my kids, make ’em walk!”

Red Foreman — the fictitious and notoriously grumpy patriarch from “That 70s Show” — routinely threatened to “put my foot in your ass” to his mischievous children and their friends.

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In an interview with Insider, Amherst Village Superintendent Michael Molnar stated that when the video went viral, he issued a letter informing parents that the school district had accepted Miller’s resignation and would investigate. In addition, he promised that the school district’s transportation office would “examine its processes” going ahead.

Due to the ongoing investigation into the incident, the school district has no new information to share about Miller, Molnar said.

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