Andrew Tate Diagnosed With Lung Cancer And Is Going To Dubai For Medication

Andrew Tate, a British-American businessman, social media star, and former professional kickboxer, is being held in Romania on suspicion of human trafficking and organised crime. Recently, he has said that he might have a lung tumour. Tate’s doctors reportedly asked to have him released from custody so he could get medical treatment in Dubai.


Andrew Tate Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

The manager of Andrew Tate seems to have confirmed that Tate has lung cancer. The news that the former had the disease spread like wildfire, so his manager took to Instagram to confirm the rumours.

Andrew Tate Diagnosed With Lung Cancer
Andrew Tate Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

According to a BSN video posted on YouTube, the man also claimed to have driven Andrew Tate to and from hospitals while the latter was reportedly receiving treatment for his terminal illness. The story on Instagram says:

“Ok, a lot of people are asking me if Tate’s lung cancer story is true. Yes, it’s true, I was the one driving with him to and from the hospitals in Dubai.”

Most recently, we looked at the recent news about Andrew Tate. If you want to know more about him, check out the posts below:

Dubai Doctor’s Viral Report Asks Andrew Tate’s Repatriation For Lung Cancer Testing

Tate’s manager is also a close friend of his, and on Instagram he goes by the name Sartorial Shooter. After saying that he was the one who took Andrew to the hospital for checkups on a regular basis in Dubai, he also included a link to a Twitter thread by Sulaiman Ahmed that has subsequently gone viral.

Based on his Twitter account, Ahmed seems to be a journalist who has released a CT scan that suggests Tate may have lung cancer. The credibility of the comments in the thread was boosted when Andrew’s management provided a link to it.

Documents show that the controversial figure was receiving medical care at Dubai’s King’s College Hospital. They think he might have a tumour in one of his lungs. Due to his imprisonment by the Romanian authorities on human trafficking allegations, he will likely miss out on an urgent operation scheduled for him in the months of 2023.

Ahmed’s Twitter feed is full of posts calling for Andrew Tate to be let out of jail. He has called the health crisis a death sentence because lung cancer can be fatal if it is not treated. He said: “If it’s lung cancer its a death sentence. Waiting additional six months on top of that & it’s over. Medical team have said URGENT investigations needed at start of January. It’s now March.”

Keep in mind that the CT test results mentioned in the tweets were not definitive. A letter from Andrew Tate’s doctor, written in the tone of a request for his immediate repatriation to the UAE from Romania on medical grounds because they need to do additional tests to acquire correct results, can be seen in the photographs posted by Ahmed in his thread. You can check the CT report of Andrew Tate below which is shared by Sulaiman Ahmed in his tweet.

Here is an important part of the report about the real findings: “In the posterior segment of the right upper lobe, a sizable space-occupying is identified as detailed above. The finding is nonspecific. The differential diagnosis includes a hamartoma, however the size of the lesion, the satellite nodules and infiltration of the surrounding tissue are findings suspicious for a more aggressive neoplastic lesion (carcinoid tumor, calcific metastases). Tissue biopsy is recommended.”

The Romanian court has also denied Tristan and Andrew Tate’s most recent bail application, so the brothers will likely remain in judicial prison until at least the end of March.

As of yet, we have that much information related to Andrew Tate diagnosed with lung cancer. If we get any latest updates related to his case, we will update you. Till then you can keep a check at

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