What do We know About Bob Odenkirk New Show? A New Chapter Details

Prepare yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, to meet the most critical person in the room: the one and only Bob Odenkirk! He’s back, better than ever, in his new show, which takes us on a wild voyage through his comedic genius and dramatic prowess. He’s back, and better than ever, in his new show.

Hold on and prepare to laugh, weep, and experience a wide range of emotions. This is Bob Odenkirk’s universe, and all of us here are just fortunate enough to be able to tag along for the ride!

What do We know About Bob Odenkirk New Show?

For his new AMC series, the Better Call Saul actor trades in the courtroom for the classroom. It looks like Bob Odenkirk will be returning to the classroom. The actor, fresh off his Emmy win for his role in AMC’s Better Call Saul, will return to the network on March 19 in the new comedy-drama series Lucky Hank.

His new role looks to bring its brand of mayhem, as evidenced by the teaser trailer published today. “I’ve always been a difficult man,” Odenkirk says in the close-up clip. “I specialize in minor strife and petty irritation. That’s my lane.”

You can view a tweet from a Rhea Seehorn fan in which the person writes about Bob Odenkirk’s New Show.

Based on Richard Russo’s 1997 novel of the same name, the series now stars Bob Odenkirk as William Henry Devereaux Jr., the wisecracking chair of the English department of a failing Pennsylvania university. In this “midlife crisis narrative,” co-stars Mirielle Enos as his wife and Olivia Scott Welch as their daughter. Bob Odenkirk also stars.

Bob Odenkirk New Show

The rest of the cast of Lucky Hank includes well-known actors, including Suzanne Cryer, Diedrich Bader, Sara Amini, and Cedric Yarbrough, in addition to the Devereaux family.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Odenkirk explained that he was interested in the show because he saw something of himself in William, whom he described as a “misanthrope.”

“He’s a cranky guy, but you like him,” he said. “And I just think tonally it’s great. It feels like a new mashup of comedy and drama that we’ve been on the verge of for a long time. [It’s like] you took a very fun show — like a Parks and Rec — and you said, ‘Let’s slow down and get to know these people and have their internal battles be a little bit more of the subject matter.'”

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By good fortune, AMC will air Lucky Hank on March 19. In the above teaser trailer, you can see Odenkirk up close and personal.

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