Who Is Brandon Fugal Wife, Kristen McCarthy And When Did They Got Married?

Lets delve into the married life of ‘The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch’ Brandon Fugal.  Brandon Fugal is a successful entrepreneur and real estate developer and has a wife named Kristen McCarthy. He bought Skinwalker Ranch in southeast Ballard, Utah, from aerospace tycoon Robert Bigelow in 2016. This is a place where strange and unexplainable things happen.

Brandon Fugal is also the Utah state chairman for commercial real estate firm Colliers International. Fugal was a co-founder and previous owner of Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors, which merged with Colliers International. Skinwalker Ranch, Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove, and the Hawaii North Shore Project are some of Fugal’s real estate assets. He is a very wealthy businessman in the Intermountain West.


Who Is The Wife Of Brandon Fugal?

Brandon Fugal is married to a woman named Kristen McCarthy. She is the director of legal affairs for Adamantium Real Estate. Brandon was married to Lacey Anne Fugal before he married Kristen. He has four children with Lacey Anne. As an alumna of Utah Valley University, Brandon Fugal’s wife has a solid educational background. You may also check details about the wife of other celebrity at Tony Romo Wife.

There, she completed her degree in General Studies. Following the completion of her education, she began working for Spence Moriarity as a legal assistant. She has also worked as a paralegal for Callister Nebeker and McCullough. Kristen has also been involved in volunteering at organizations such as Family Support Center and Catholic Community Services.

Who Is The Wife Of Brandon Fugal
Who Is The Wife Of Brandon Fugal

When Did Brandon And Kristen Got Married?

In the year 2021, Brandon Fugal, whose official instagram handle is @brandonfugal and Kristen McCarthy tied the knot and became husband and wife. There is no relevant information regarding the venue and manner in which they got married. Nonetheless, they appeared publicly together for the first time in the year 2020. You can see the official Instagram post by Brandon Fugal below in which he went on the Hawaii Project along with his wife.

In addition, it is unknown whether they chose to have a simple or elaborate ceremony for their wedding. Since the pair got married, they have become quite involved in charitable events and have also taken the lead on a number of other projects. Brandon Furay and Kristen McCarthy have been there for each other since day one.

Who Is Brandon Fugal’s First Wife?

Brandon Fugal was previously wed to Lacey Anne Fugal in 2021, prior to his marriage to Kristen. Brandon has four children with Lacey. Despite the fact that both individuals are well-known public figures, they have never disclosed their romantic involvement to the public. If you are curious to read new information we have covered, then check Travis Kelce Wife.

None of them has ever discussed how they first became involved with one another or how their relationship got started. It turned out that Brandon and Lacey had been married for a very long period before they finally decided to divorce. Also, before they got divorced, they were spotted by several fans in a restaurant in Salt Lake City.

That’s all we know about Brandon Fugal Wife. She has worked as legal assistant and paralegal at various organizations. You may get additional information at talkxbox.com if you’re interested.

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