How Much is Fox News Net Worth? Dominion Lawsuit Explained

This week, the $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News commenced, more than two years after Dominion Voting Systems filed the suit. Dominion is suing the right-wing news outlet for falsely claiming that Dominion’s voting machines were used to manipulate Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential election loss.

This week, Dominion may have an advantage in court. In March, Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric Davis denied a motion from Fox News to dismiss the lawsuit. According to the judge’s ruling, the case’s evidence “demonstrates that it is OBVIOUS that none of Dominion’s statements about the 2020 election are true.”

According to the judge’s ruling, the jury will consider whether Fox News intentionally made false statements to injure Dominion rather than whether the statements were false.


Fox News Net Worth

Dominion’s potential $1.6 billion in damages, if it prevails in its action against Fox News, wouldn’t make a dent in the channel’s total wealth. As of the 17th of April, 2023, Fox News is valued at $16.44 billion, per reports.

Fox News Net Worth

Rupert Murdoch’s media empire includes the cable news channel Fox News, which Murdoch himself controls. Murdoch’s wealth is estimated to be $7.69 billion.

Dominion is suing Fox News, claiming Murdoch influenced the network’s coverage improperly. Murdoch allegedly confessed in a deposition that some Fox News commentators had believed Trump’s false claims that the election had been rigged but did nothing to disprove them.

How would Dominion’s victory affect Fox News?

Fox News won’t take a major financial hit even if Dominion wins its defamation suit, but it may change its approach to covering elections. There has been a change in leadership at the news desk for Fox News, as seen by viewers.

The outcome of the Dominion vs. Fox News case may affect another defamation action against Fox News. Smartmatic, another voting equipment vendor, is suing Fox Corp. for $2.7 billion for spreading false accusations by Donald Trump that the election was rigged. According to Axios, if Dominion prevails, a wave of lawsuits against the media might follow.

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What Would Happen If Fox News Won?

Fox News’ potential victory in the defamation lawsuit might have far-reaching consequences for the media. Axios reports that some experts believe a triumph for Fox News would signal the end of journalism’s “golden age.”

Yellow journalism was utilized by some publications in the late 19th century to attract readers by sensationalizing and exaggerating current events.

Professor of constitutional law at George Washington University Catherine Ross warns that if Fox wins, “yellow journalism” like that of the Hearst newspapers, which helped spark conflicts, might return to American society.

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