Gloria Molina Cause of De@th: LA Politician D!es at the Age of 74

Gloria Molina, a powerful force in LA politics, has d!ed at the age of 74. She fought for the streets of Los Angeles and left a lasting mark on the political scene. Join us as we look at this pioneering leader’s amazing life and unexpected de@th and discover what caused a powerful voice to go silent. Get ready to be touched by Gloria Molina’s legacy, a force that will always be felt in the heart of LA.

What is Gloria Molina Cause of De@th?

On Sunday, May 14th, at 74, her family announced that Gloria Molina, a trailblazing politician, activist, and former Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors member, had p@ssed away.

Her daughter Valentina Martinez said: “It is with heavy hearts that our family announces Gloria’s p@ssing this evening. She p@ssed away at her home in Mt. Washington, surrounded by our family.”

Molina’s three-year battle with de@dly cancer kept her from the spotlight. She gained notoriety as a legislator and advocate for Latinx and female causes. Molina was the first Chicana to serve in the California State Assembly, the Los Angeles City Council, and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

City authorities, including Mayor Karen Bass, released statements following Molina’s de@th.

She left an indelible mark on Los Angeles and paved the way for future leaders. As the first woman to serve as mayor of Los Angeles, I am well aware that I am building upon the work of Supervisor Gloria Molina.

Check out this tweet from the California Governor’s Office:

Los Angeles County Supervisor Lindsey P. Horvath said, “On Mother’s Day of all days.” She paved the way for many women to achieve leadership roles in Los Angeles County and beyond. She made it possible for me to serve and always fought for what was right; I will be eternally grateful.

Janice Hahn, chair of the Board of Supervisors in Los Angeles County, stated: “It takes courage to be the 1st woman in the room, and Gloria was the 1st woman and 1st Latina in nearly every room she was in.”

Gloria Molina Cause of Death

Everyone in the family shared their happiness. Molina will be honored for her work in Los Angeles, California, and the United States as a “Chicana activist.”

Gloria is always remembered as a loving mother, grandmother, older sister, ta, and friend. Christmas Eves spent at her “festively decorated and fed us homemade tamales and a full-course holiday meal” home will be sorely missed, the family said in a statement.

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The “East L.A. Stitchers,” a group of quilters Molina established, recently labored to finish all the quilts she had been unable to finish due to illness.

Gloria, our strong and selfless grandmother, will be much missed. When she heard we were in trouble, she immediately asked how to help. She proposed organizing a family reunion and guided us to get back on our feet.

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