Google Engineer De@th at 31: Another Jump to Su!cide in NYC

As news of a young Google engineer’s de@th at age 31 spreads, the tech world mourns the loss of yet another smart person. The event is yet another su!cide jump in New York City, where the stress of a fast-paced job and the problems of everyday life can wear down even the strongest people.

The unexpected de@th of this young engineer is a stark warning that today’s fast-paced and demanding industries need better mental health support and workplace well-being programs right away.

Google Engineer De@th at 31: Investigation starts

Late on Thursday (4 May 2023), a senior software developer at Google reportedly leaped to de@th from the building’s rooftop in Chelsea.

Newyorkpost confirms that The 31-year-old male, whose identity is being kept until notification of next of kin, jumped from the 14th story of 111 Eighth Ave. at approximately 11:30 p.m., according to police.

Google Engineer De@th

Across the street from the 2.9 million square foot, 15-story Art Deco structure on West 15th Street, investigators said they received numerous 911 calls reporting an unconscious person lying on the ground.

Police arrived to find the guy unresponsive; he was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he d!ed from his injur!es.

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According to reports, responding officers discovered prints on the edge of a 14th-floor outdoor patio. No note or videotape of the deadly fall was discovered by investigators.

This worker’s su!cide comes after the alleged su!cide of another Google worker at the Manhattan headquarters, 33-year-old Jacob Pratt Found De@d in an NYC apartment.

We’ll let you know as soon as we know more about his de@th. The information on is up-to-date.

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